Upgrading Metalworking Industry with Taiwan Excellence
Published on: Thursday, November 10, 2022
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Upgrading Metalworking Industry with Taiwan Excellence
Leon Huang is a Business Director of Axisco Precision Machinery Co Ltd and presented on the topic of Servo Broaching Machines - the Future is Electromechanic.
Kuala Lumpur: To respond to the growing trends of industry 4.0 and automation, a “Toward Metal Processing 4.0” webinar was co-organized by FMM and Taiwan Excellence on November 9. The webinar shown manufacturers in Malaysia the advanced and smart metal processing solutions from three Taiwan’s leading automation solutions makers: AXILE, AXISCO, and HONOR SEIKI.

FMM Digital Economy Working Committee’s vice chairman Dr. Helena Eian Yeut Lan stated in her remarks that Taiwan is well-positioned to take the leading role in Industry 4.0 development and implementation. With Taiwan’s latest smart solution, a closer cooperation between Malaysia and Taiwan is expected.

Eva Peng, director of the Taiwan Trade Center of KL, echoed in her address. Taiwan’s machine tools makers have the advantages of customization and integration. She expected to see Malaysian manufacturing industries to build up advanced and accurate metal processing procedures by building up closer relationship with Taiwanese makers.

Some smart solutions shared in the webinar include: AXILE’s “ART” digitalized intelligent automation equipped with intelligent monitoring system which can help its users optimize production.

Juno Wang, Sales Representative of HONOR SEIKI Co Ltd, presented on the topic of Smart manufacturing of Industry solution. The capability of 2-week notices prior to machine failure for a better service arrangement to minimize machine downtime; AXISCO’s servo broaching machines saves up to 40% electricity comparing with the traditional hydraulic machines.

Its human-machine interface (HMI) makes it easy to operate and diagnose the machine; HONOR SEIKI’s vertical lathes and aviation processing solutions are suitable for intelligent manufacturing and a better yield rate with its rigidity and stability.

Paul Chang, General Manager of AXILE, introduced  AXILE's automation total solution for 5-axis machining centers. The webinar also introduced “Taiwan International Intelligent Manufacturing Show” (TIIM) which is going to be held at the ICC, Tainan, Taiwan on Nov 23.

The show will present the latest and most advanced solutions including machine vision, AI sensing and controlling, and various AR, VR, and MR applications, to help manufacturers improve production performance and flexibility.

More information can be obtained via its website: https://www.tiim.com.tw/en/

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