Fire Dept trucks used to transport voters
Published on: Sunday, November 20, 2022
By: Johan Aziz
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Fire Dept trucks used to transport voters
Left: Firefighters using a truck to take voters to the Polling Centre at the SK Rancangan Belia Tiulon in Sook to vote.
KENINGAU: Two lorries from the Fire and Rescue Department had to be used to transport 40 voters to SK Rancangan Belia Tiulon, here, after the main road was flooded up to the waist level due to flash floods that occurred early Saturday.

Two trucks from the Sook and Tenom Fire and Rescue Station were used to help pick up voters from the Rancangan Belia Tiulon intersection to the polling centre to enable them to fulfil their responsibility to vote at that centre.

The flood that hit the route to the Polling Centre occurred early Saturday, causing difficulty for voters to pass through the main route to the centre which was also flooded up to waist level.



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