DPM post must be meaningful
Published on: Thursday, November 24, 2022
By: Sohan Das
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DPM post must be meaningful
Roger said there was nothing unusual about the proposal and was in parallel with recent calls by the Sabah KDM community for non-Muslim from the ethnic group be considered for the post of Sabah TYT when the term of the present TYT expired. - Malay Mail pic for illustration only
LABUAN: Any offer of the Deputy Prime Minister’s post to the Borneo states by Pakatan Harapan if it forms the Government must not be for ceremonial purpose, said an activist here.

“Such greater recognition of the East Malaysian States is certainly on overdue considering that the states are equal partners of Malaysia and provide billions to the National Treasury.

“Otherwise, the recent offer before the elections to conditions could be seen as going on a fishing expedition,” said Roger Foo.



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