Water: Need for practical contingency plan
Published on: Friday, December 02, 2022
By: Clarence Dol
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Water: Need for practical contingency plan
Kong, who is also Sabah People’s Coalition (GRS) Youth Deputy Chief, said efforts to upgrade the district’s water plant need experienced and more efficient contractors so that the maintenance work can be completed quickly and with quality to avoid repeated damage.
RANAU: The State Water Department needs to put in place a more practical contingency plan to tackle supply disruption problems, especially when they last more than a week.

Parti Solidarity Sabah Tanah Airku (Star Sabah) Wiramuda Chief Kong Soon Choi said initially the department issued a notice about the disruption, but if they knew the impact of the disruption would affect many users, a contingency plan should have been prepared.

“The repair work on the water suction pump machine system at the dam takes quite a long time. So the department should get the help of enough water transport trucks to distribute water to affected users.



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