Salty taste of water in Sandakan: Authorities urged to investigate
Published on: Wednesday, December 28, 2022
By: Winnie Kasmir
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Salty taste of water in Sandakan:  Authorities urged to investigate
The skin condition faced by one of the residents.
SANDAKAN: Residents in the district claimed to have been experiencing a “salty taste” of water for several weeks or months even after the water has gone through filtration at home. 

Sabah DAP Chairman Datuk Frankie Poon, who is also Tanjung Papat Assemblyman, said he received complaints from residents regarding the matter which not only caused unpleasant taste but also allergic reaction.

“The latest complaint I received was from a resident of Taman Grandview,” he said. 

He said the main complaint was the “salty taste” of treated water supplied to their homes, adding that he collected samples of the water and would forward it to the relevant authorities for testing. 

Frankie (left) meeting one of the affected residents. 

"The complaints about treated water came from all over Sandakan. I also heard claims by some residents that they experienced skin allergies.

“They claimed to have developed skin allergies and the rashes would appear after showers or baths, with some cases being quite serious. 

“Others claimed it would happen after getting out of bed. I wonder whether the allergies have any thing to do with the treated water supply,” he added. 

Frankie urged the Ministry of Health to take immediate steps to investigate in-depth the quality of water supply in the district. 

“They should investigate thoroughly whether the treated water from the main pipes and the increasing numbers of skin allergy patients have any connection.” he said.

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