Food deliveryman on foot in KK touches many netizens' hearts. Later, one of them gifts him a bicycle.
Published on: Friday, February 03, 2023
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Food deliveryman on foot in KK touches many netizens' hearts. Later, one of them gifts him a bicycle.
Food deliveryman on foot is touched when a netizen gifts him a bicycle. (Photos: Instagram/@neverpermanent and adrianedy7)
Kota Kinabalu: A food deliveryman on foot here has touched the hearts of many netizens, one of them so much that he gifted him a bicycle much to his surprise.

The heartwarming story began when a video of the deliveryman walking from Gaya Street to Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu went viral on TikTok recently. 

The 33-second clip was shared by user @neverpermanent in which the man can be seen crossing a busy road to his destination. 

"I feel sorry for him for walking so far. When he arrived, he kept on saying sorry for being late," said a customer in response to the viral clip.

"May all riders and deliverymen have an easy journey and be successful in life and the hereafter."

The video caught the attention of social activist Adrian Edy, who searched for the deliveryman and bought him a bicycle as a surprise. 

"Last week, he walked to deliver food to a customer at a hotel. The customer was surprised that he walked because the distance to the restaurant was quite far, between 6km to 7km," said Adrian.

According to Adrian, the deliveryman, who goes by the name Khai, has been saving up for months to buy himself a bicycle.

"He doesn't come from a wealthy family, so he is willing to walk long distances to earn a living. Every week, he would send money to his mother back in his home village."

"He'd work from 8am to 9pm every day, but the orders aren't consistent. There are times when he has no orders to deliver, and because he delivers on foot, he can't deliver food to faraway locations."

Khai cried when he received the bicycle and said it felt like a dream-come-true when he met Adrian in person.

"God brought us together, maybe because of the prayers of my brother, my mother, and my friends," said Khai.

"He immediately used the bike for work, and he texted me on WhatsApp that he'd gotten more orders as of late," said Adrian.

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