Tongod folks seek alternative site
Published on: Sunday, March 19, 2023
By: Jinius Pandakin
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Tongod folks seek alternative site
The residents of Singahmata, Telupid in a peaceful demonstration in 2022 urging the Sabah Veterinary Services Department not to take the land they have developed for years.
TONGOD: President of the Sabah Indigenous People’s Coalition (Agaras) Michael Frederik, requested the government to consider the application of the residents of Singgamata and Entilibon villages, in Tongod district, to be given compensation or land for subsistence as their daily livelihood.

The villagers of Simpang Entilibon village in Tongod asked for help from the Agaras as they were told to vacate by the Sabah Veterinary Department as the land belonged to the Sabah Veterinary Services Department (G.N. No. 516-98 and G.N. No. 279-99), through a letter issued on Jan 12, 2023 bill: DVS:100-44/24 Vol.3(40). It was signed by the Director of Veterinary Services, Sabah.

According to Michael, previously the residents of Singgahmata and Entilibon village through the Land Claims Action Committee made an appeal to the Service Department Sabah Veterinarian, Sabah Land, and Survey Department and through Kuamut Assemblyman Datuk Masiung Banah.

In 2020 Kuamut Assemblyman Datuk Masiung Banah, at that time the Warisan Government had announced that Kampung Entilibon Tongod was selected for a 500-acre pig breeding project worth RM200 million using modern technology thus making the district a producer of animal meat products in Asia Pacific region.

The company’s management agreed to hire local residents, especially Tongod residents, and provide opportunities for local contractors to implement small-scale projects. A simple veterinary industry was expected to start this year and would create more than 1,000 employment opportunities. 

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