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Forced to buy water to prepare the dead
Published on: Thursday, March 30, 2023
By: Azmie Lim
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Forced to buy water to prepare the dead
Residents filling tanks with purchased water supplies. Kamarudin (left).
LAHAD DATU: Lack of water supply to Pangsapuri Mutiara Kasih (PMK) the past two weeks is affecting daily activities of the mainly Muslim residents during the current fasting month of Ramadan.

A resident, Kamarudin Hamid said the problem had gone on for too long without any concrete action to rectify it.  They are forced to fork out from their own pockets to stay hydrated, among others. Bathing a deceased at the mosque is also affected as families are forced to buy ample water for the purpose.

“This situation is very burdensome, we can’t carry out our daily activities properly. Residents who have children in school also experience a difficult situation, and it affects our mood in the month of Ramadan,” he said.

He said water used to be supplied by the Department to the PMK tank before being distributed to residents’ homes by the appointed management.

He said the management had also taken the initiative to buy water for the residents.

“The Water Department or the Lahad Datu District Council (MDLD) never sent water here and the situation is very critical,” he said.

He said residents believe they are being ignored because they occupy units under the People’s Housing Programme (PPR). No action has been taken to solve this problem, making us feel that the Government does not care about our plight in this PPR.

“Not all residents here can afford buying water and we hope our plight can be solved soon,” he said. Another resident, Haris Lase, said: “Water is a basic need. If there is no water we all cannot do anything and have to buy water for daily use.”

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