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Beam plans to bring back e-scooter trend in Sabah, Sarawak with govt's support
Published on: Thursday, April 06, 2023
By: Sivaa Tangai Raju
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Beam plans to bring back e-scooter trend in Sabah, Sarawak with govt's support
Beam crew at their brand-new warehouse in Subang Jaya.
Kuala Lumpur: The renowned micro-mobility operator, Beam Mobility Malaysia Sdn Bhd, intends to expand its influence in East Malaysia, believing that it's time to nurture the Sabah and Sarawak population with Beam scooters, in order to improve their living standards in line with those of West Malaysia states where electronic scooters are more common.

Its general manager, Justin Tiew, who outlined the significance of E-scooters in West Malaysia, confidently guaranteed that the trendy private mode of transport is safe for public use and ideal for the country to boost the tourism as well as economic sectors.

Speaking to the media, Justin said the country should evolve in tandem with technology advancements like e-scooters, not only to adapt to current trends but also for the sake of national interests.

“E-scooters are actually safe for the environment because they reduce carbon emissions. Not only that, it also helps to limit traffic jams which is an unsolved issue in the country. Beyond everything, E-scooters operate without fuel, so it’s more economical.

“It’s a fact to agree that finding a parking spot can be a tiring task but e-scooter riders will be able to address this issue as there’s allocated parking space for scooters which will take much space.

“It will also improve the travel and tourism industry. For instance, Beam scooters in Langkawi enable tourists to move faster and safer to explore the destination for various purposes such as food and destinations. This indirectly helps to boost the national tourism and economy industry,” he said.

In response to road safety experts' generous concerns that e-scooters are unsafe, he confirmed that Beam scooters come with the necessary safety precautions including speed control and guidelines for Beam riders.

“Actually the scooters are capable of moving very fast but the speed limit has been intentionally set at a maximum speed limit of 25km per hour as many studies have shown that accidents mostly happen when vehicles travel at excessive speed,” he said.

However, he told the press that the public should also follow the stipulated road regulations set by the government rather than accusing the mode of transport since people's behaviour on public roads is equally essential in ensuring public safety.

Meanwhile Justin, who understands the government's reasonable safety concerns over allowing Beam scooters on public roads as it's an unfamiliar mode of transport, has expressed his desire to work with authorities, noting that Beam scooters are already in use in eight countries.

Beam general manager Justin Tiew believes e-scooters are safe as long as riders follow the road regulations set by the authorities.

He went on to say that Beam is keen to collaborate with the government in order to generate its continuous investments in the country especially in Sabah and Sarawak which have been welcoming tourists all around the world following the reopening of international borders.

“The government has its concern on the usage of Beam Scooters because it’s an unfamiliar mode of transport but the government should also understand that Beam Scooters are built with higher safety standards.

"We are always ready to collaborate with the government.

“For now Beam Scooters are on the move in 8 countries within 50 cities with 50,000 scooters in Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

He assured that Beam scooter riders will be covered with insurance coverage worth of RM150,000 for accidental death, up to RM6,000 for medical expenses and RM750 for loss of teeth or up to RM3,000 for dental procedures, among other coverage.

“I’d say safety precautions are our utmost priority. We do have a Beam safety academy to teach riders how to ride the scooters and we do have private insurance for riders worth RM150,000 who use Beam scooters. If there’s any tragedy while using the scooters, riders will be covered with the insurance coverage. Moreover, we also provide public liability insurance which is a global coverage. For example, when the battery loses function or tires are faulty, there’s liability coverage,” he said.

Recently, Beam Mobility Malaysia Sdn Bhd has launched an 8,000 sq ft Malaysian central warehouse in Subang Jaya, Selangor, which would be the primary receiving spot for international shipments.

Adding to that, it also clarified that Subang Jaya warehouse was mainly designed to support the company's operations by guaranteeing a steady source of fully charged batteries.

The brand new warehouse would also serve as its main distribution, repair, and hardware testing hub while endorsing its burgeoning influence all over Malaysia.

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