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Abu Sayyaf men linked to Sipadan kidnap surrender
Published on: Tuesday, May 09, 2023
By: Zam Yusa
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Abu Sayyaf men linked to Sipadan kidnap surrender
Abu Sayyaf members who served under subleader Galib Andang, who led the kidnapping of 21 people on Sipadan island, surrendered to the Philippine military in April this year.
Kota Kinabalu: Eleven members of the Abu Sayyaf terror group (ASG) including four under the leader of the infamous 2000 Sipadan resort island kidnappings recently surrendered to the military in the southern Philippine island province of Sulu.Army operating troops of the 1101st Infantry Brigade (1101Bde) and 1103rd Infantry Brigade (1103Bde), both under the 11th Infantry Division (11ID), facilitated the surrender on April 17 and 24, respectively, said 11ID in a statement, recently. “The surrender was made possible through the efforts of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion in collaboration with the local government units and other security sectors,” said 11ID. 



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