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Department stepping up water supply in Kolombong, Likas
Published on: Thursday, May 25, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Department stepping up water supply in Kolombong, Likas
One part of the 300mm MSCL underground pipe along Jalan Khidmat had given way (indicated) and had to be replaced.
THE Water Department will step up efforts to maintain its installations in Kolombong and Likas, following separate feedback from a homeowner and tenant at some condominiums about the irregularities involving the supply to their respective properties.

The former was among consumers in Taman Khidmat who were without water for two days earlier this week.

Taps in upper floor units at Alam Damai, on the other hand, had periodically run dry over the past month, according to the latter.

Both consumers provided Hotline with the location of their premises, as well as the dates when they experienced these problems. This information was forwarded to the agency. 

The Department’s technicians in the midst of checking on the condition of the distribution mains leading to the bulk-meter for the Alam Damai Condominiums.

A Department spokesman said damage to a section of the distribution line servicing Taman Khidmat was to blame for the water woes in this part of Kolombong.

“We received reports that the supply in several homes here had been reduced to a trickle late on Monday,” he said.

“By the next day, many of these consumers found that not a drop was available.” He said the agency’s technicians suspected that a burst might be to blame for this turn of events.

They noticed water welling up onto a road reserve near the neighbourhood, during a preliminary check on Tuesday, and immediately set about trying to find the source of the leak, according to him.

“A trench, which was several metres deep, had to be dug into the verge so that the underground pipe could be accessed.

“Our staff subsequently found that a section of the 300 millimetre, mid-steel-cement-lined (MSCL) distribution main had given way. “This was most likely the result of wear and tear on the pipe as it had been put in place below the road shoulder years ago.”

He said the agency’s technicians began replacing the affected section around noon on Tuesday.

“The supply was restored to consumers in stages later that day, once the repairs had been completed and sufficient pressure had built up in the pipes before their meters.”

This is the second time in as many weeks that those in Taman Khidmat have lost their supply.

A different section of the same MSCL pipe sprung a leak during the Hari Raya break in April.

In light of the repeated bursts, the spokesman said the Department’s staff had been asked to be more mindful of any irregularities related to the its distribution line in this part of Kolombong.

The strainer was put back in place after it had been cleaned.

“We hope this will go some way to minimising further water disruptions in Taman Khidmat.”

He said the agency was also keeping tabs on the situation at the Alam Damai Condominiums, while it tried to stabilise the supply to the occupants.

He said its technicians had a look at “the strainer” before the distribution mains leading to the property’s bulk-meter earlier this week.

The spokesman explained that this equipment prevented impurities – such as bits of soil or plastic – from clogging up the Department’s pipes, thereby, hindering treated water from reaching the metre. “Our staff cleared any foreign objects which had been trapped by the strainer,” he said.

“They confirmed that water was reaching the meter but, at the time, found that the strength of the supply was weak.”

He said the agency was in the midst of discussions on how best to address the water woes at the property.

“If need be, we might consider adjusting the valve on the distribution mains to try and regulate the supply to our consumers here.

“We have also spoken to the management company for the Condominiums about controlling the flow of water and only releasing the supply at certain times to ensure that those staying on the upper floors have a chance of getting a supply.” 

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