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Government admits some programmes to eradicate poverty ineffective
Published on: Saturday, May 27, 2023
By: Anthea Peter
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Government admits some programmes to eradicate poverty ineffective
“The Government will continue to work on these programmes so that it may be more effective and may reach those who need it,” Samad said.
Kota Kinabalu: The State Government acknowledged the ineffectiveness of some entrepreneurship programmes implemented previously to eradicate poverty, as Sabah’s poverty issue is still at a worrying level.  

As such, State Rural Development Assistant Minister Samad Jambri said the Ministry will think of ways to improve the mechanisms for these programmes.

“Indeed, after these entrepreneurship programmes implemented by the Ministry for target groups end, some failures occur. 

“The Government will continue to work on these programmes so that it may be more effective and may reach those who need it,” he said. 

He was responding to a supplementary question by Darau Assemblyman Azhar Matussin who had highlighted the need for a follow-up session after these target groups complete the entrepreneurship programmes and upskilling courses. 

Azhar said he had seen how some participants who participated in baking courses were given ovens to start their business, however they sold the oven off instead of building the business. 

“This has happened for a long time, I have been directly involved this. There is a need for improvement and to think outside the box. There needs to be a new mechanism where we do a follow-up on these entrepreneurs. 

“Commitment from the districts (to run these programmes) are also important. Sometimes when we call for meetings, the District Officer does not show up, they only send representatives,” said Azhar. 

On poverty eradication initiatives, Samad said the State Government has built five Community Skills Development Centres to train entrepreneurs and increase the skill potential of the poor. 

He was responding to Nominated Assemblyman Dr Aliakbar Gulasan who had asked what the Government’s initiatives were to lift Sabah out of poverty. 

“Eight Village Entrepreneurship Centres (PKD) equipped with workshops and machine equipment have been built.

“The PKD is intended to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Rural Development Ministry (KPLBS) to increase production and expand their businesss” said Samad.

He said the Ministry is also focusing on agriculture-based entrepreneurship programmes which especially focuses on sacha inchi and saba banana planting, as well as swiftlet farming programmes according to a certain district’s needs. 

“Skilling programmes are also provided to rural communities such as courses on sewing, handicrafts and food processing, among others,” he said. 

He said the Government has also implemented the One District One Product scheme which aims to encourage the production of flagship products unique to the respective districts or villages. Other initiatives include the Mini Estet Sejahtera (Mesej) programme which specifically targets areas which a higher poverty rate. 

“This programme is a holistic poverty-eradication approach, which encompasses providing housing and economic components, namely plantation enterprises with commodity crops including oil palm and rubber,” he said.

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