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City Hall advises owners no to let dogs go free
Published on: Tuesday, August 29, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall advises owners no to let dogs go free
ACD personnel having a word with the owner of the Rottweiler.
DOG owners in the State Capital should close their front gates properly after them, when driving out of their homes, to ensure that their pets do not get free and run out into the common areas where they could become a public nuisance.

A spokeswoman for City Hall’s Environmental Health Department said it received feedback, from time to time, about canines chasing pedestrians and cyclists, tipping over rubbish bins in their search for food or soiling the road-shoulders with their stool.

“In most cases, the dogs which did this were not strays but licenced pets, which means that this inconvenience could have been avoided,” she said.

She urged owners to be more proactive when it came to ensuring that their dogs did not get loose, before going on their way.

“They should restrain their pets inside their compound prior to opening their gates.

City Hall staff personally handed out brochures to those living in this part of Luyang.

“Those with conventional gates should lock their gates and not just drive off, leaving them wide open.

“Those with an automatic gates, on the other hand, should wait for it to close all the way before setting off.”

She said these individuals were obliged to go after their dogs if these pets escaped.

“They shouldn’t just leave these canines roaming about their neighbourhood until they come back.” Such common sense went a long way to minimising the likelihood of their dogs unwittingly becoming a source of frustration to their neighbours, according to the spokeswoman.

“We have instructed owners, time and time again, to keep their canines inside their yard and to make sure they accompany any pets which are released into the common areas.

“In cases where their dogs managed to squeeze through the bars in their gate or holes in their fence, they should have these ‘escape routes’ sealed.”

“Our Animal Control Division (ACD) is authorised to catch any canines found wandering unsupervised on those roads under our jurisdiction.”

She said the owners could be compounded up to RM500 – under City Hall’s Registration and Control of Dogs By-laws 1963 (Amendment 2008) – and would have to settle this penalty before their dogs were returned to them.

“Repeat offenders risk being taken to court. If found guilty, they could be subject to a fine for as much as RM5,000.”

She said a Luyang rate-payer, who had a Rottweiler, was warned not to allow her pet to roam about unaccompanied on the housing road in front of her home last month.

This rate-payer was cautioned about letting her dogs wander unsupervised in the common areas.

“She was also instructed to have her pet registered with City Hall,” she said.

The spokeswoman said a notice to this affect was given to her.

“ACD staff did not spot any licenced or unlicensed dogs on the housing road that morning.

“Nevertheless, they personally handed out brochures, on our requirements concerning the rearing of canines, to our other rate-payers in the area.”

She said the Division’s personnel returned to this part of Luyang last week.

“Several dog-owners along another housing road were chided for failing to abide by our conditions.

“Their pets were found to be going about freely without supervision. To make matters worse, many of these canines did not have a licence.”

The spokeswoman said these individuals were informed of their oversights and sternly reminded to abide by City Hall’s requirements.

“The ACD did not nab any of their dogs on this occasion but will not think twice about doing so in future. “We will be monitoring the goings-on in the public areas here.”

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