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Car wash skills for OKU young
Published on: Saturday, September 02, 2023
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Car wash skills for OKU young
Jais (third right), Amelson (second right) and others looking at how a special student cleans a car at the Kimanis Disabled Training and Rehabilitation Complex.
PAPAR: Sabah Social Welfare Services Department (JPKA) has implemented a pilot programme in collaboration with a strategic partner KK Auto Detailer Sdn Bhd which is an initiative to provide car washing skills to students with disabilities (OKU).

JPKA Director Jais Asri said the department took action to provide elective training to OKU students at the Kimanis Disabled Training and Rehabilitation Complex in addition to the basic training offered at the complex.

“This programme was implemented after the company expressed a brilliant idea to help improve the skills level of OKU students here.

“This effort was well received before being included in the syllabus seen as able to increase the students’ skills when they complete the course at the complex,” he said when met, here.

Jais added providing the students with skills is to meet current service needs as well as making them marketable in car wash business.

“With these skills, students are able to continue their lives armed with the skills to continue competing with public for jobs in car wash business,” he said.

According to him, the JPKA is grateful to the company as its strategic partner to help prepare the disabled students to face the real world of employment in the market.

“We hope this partnership will continue with a larger scope including signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue similar programmes in the future.

“This planning includes continuing the same programme in other districts including Sandakan and Tawau.

“We also have other plans including creating a personal care programme involving beauty care including manicure and pedicure, massage and reflexology,” Jais said.

According to him, JPKA also welcomes non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or other companies to establish similar cooperation and collaboration in an effort to improve the living standards of people with disabilities.

“With such programme, the special people will have a wide range of job opportunities and I ask all parties to work together to support them (OKU) so that they are not left out.

“Parents are also advised to send their special children to welfare agencies to enable them to be given appropriate training as they are also an asset to nation building,” he said.

Meanwhile, KK Auto Detailer Sdn Bhd Manager Amelson Ng Jing Sheng said the company made such noble effort due to his concern for the plight of disabled students after completing the training.

“Throughout the programme, we will provide knowledge and skills to the students as being practised in the real world of work.

“Since the teaching period of two weeks in the new programme in initial stage, the company staff will give exposure to car washing skills in the correct and effective way to avoid damage to vehicles.

“After the students acquire these skills, we will teach and expose them to the next level,” he said.

Amelson said the company could offer jobs to ensure that they are able to live independently upon completing the course at the complex.

“We hope that more students will follow this programme so that more can be helped, especially in meeting their daily needs.

“NGOs or other interested parties should also take the initiative to hold similar programmes so that more special students can be helped, especially when facing the real world and not focusing solely on profit,” he said.

One of the students, Mohd Rabbani Rosdi Jeminis, 21, who took a computer skills course, chose to take up the car washing elective programme because it offers an easy opportunity to get a job.

“I learned the technique of washing cars in the washing machine operation section and managed to master it within four days.

“After completing the course here, I will wait for a job call and use the skills I have acquired from the company.

“I thank the company for giving us the opportunity in acquiring the car washing skills,” Mohd Rabbani said.

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