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Refusal to pay full bill: Ministry to inspect Kota Kinabalu restaurant 
Published on: Sunday, September 03, 2023
By: Nora Ahmad
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Refusal to pay full bill: Ministry to inspect Kota Kinabalu restaurant 
A post on Facebook of a seafood restaurant shows that customers who ate at the restaurant refused to pay the full price of the food ordered.
Kota Kinabalu: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living (KPDN) Sabah has not received any reports of customers paying only RM400 of a RM1,000 bill at a seafood restaurant here in an incident which went viral recently. 

Its Director Georgie Abas said the restaurant will be inspected to ensure the food prices are clear.

The seafood restaurant, in a Facebook post on Friday, claimed at 9.30pm on Sunday a family refused to pay the full price of the food ordered claiming it was too expensive.

It said the customer only paid RM400 of the RM1,102.20 bill and demanded the RM702.20 balance.

“There is no reason not to pay when you ourselves knowingly placed the order. Whatever the reason, please make the rest of the payment immediately,” the post said. 

However, on the same day, the affected customer replied, disputing the restaurant’s claim.

A receipt circulated by the seafood restaurant claiming that the customer only paid RM400 out of the more than RM1,000 total price of the food ordered.


The customer alleged that the restaurant did not fully describe the situation, making it seem the customer is at fault.

“We made the payment. The cashier suggested splitting it 50-50 (half), not us.

“When we saw the lobster on the menu, the price was RM48 per 100gm which seemed to be within our budget if we ordered a smaller size.

“The waiter assured us he would only give us a small one. But he ordered one weighing one kg without informing us,” he said in the message.

When the bill arrived, they were surprised to see the total price even though only three people ate.

“We called the waiter, thinking there was a mistake because the price was higher than we expected. The cashier came and offered to solve the problem with the restaurant paying half and us paying the other half. That is we pay RM500 and the restaurant pay RM500, and we agreed. 

“Before we left, the cashier returned another RM100 to us and told us that this happens often and many customers were affected because the same server did not explain the price clearly. We expected the issue to be resolved. As proof on the receipt, the payment was also printed,” he said.

The customer also included a video showing the restaurant suggesting that half payment be made by both parties. Through the message, the customer involved hoped that the misunderstanding could be resolved properly and quickly.


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