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Planning a holiday, hometown trip or friend visit? Get it all done via the one-stop Firefly portal at your fingertips
Published on: Wednesday, September 06, 2023
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Planning a holiday, hometown trip or friend visit? Get it all done via the one-stop Firefly portal at your fingertips
For many people, August is traditionally a busy month. Now, having done all those tasks for the long month, the breezy September is always a great month to recharge and plan something different.

What makes a pleasant trip?

Whether you are flying for business or leisure, a pleasant journey starts from choosing the right airline. Make good use of an airline's convenient flight schedule, connectivity and affordability. And flying on a comfortable plane can really make all the difference.

Knowing that Sarawak and Sabah are the two largest states in Malaysia with a very challenging topographic profile, air travel is essentially the most practical choice.

When you need to get somewhere fast, nothing beats a plane. That's because a flight can get you from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only flying gives you more productive time, in certain cases, it can be cheaper than driving. And time is precious, so make the most of it.

Intra-Sabah and intra-Borneo travel made easy

Flying within Sabah, or from Sabah to Sarawak and vice versa, is no longer a complicated task. All you need is to find an airline that serves all those one-stop conveniences, from destination planning to hotel booking and tour packages, right at your fingertips.

The more you can tailor your journey per your preferences, the more you stand to gain from flying with your chosen airline.

Having a highly sought-after flight schedule makes all the planning easy. With that taken care of, the rest of your planning becomes straightforward, like getting a jigsaw puzzle pieced together with obvious clues before your naked eyes.


Serving specific needs with accessibility and affordability

Knowing that both Sabah and Sarawak belong to a unique market segment with specific needs to serve, Firefly is stepping up its effort to make your travel within and beyond Sabah more accessible and affordable.

Firefly’s competitive pricing without compromising on quality is something not to be overlooked. In addition to the FREE in-flight refreshments (peanuts, cookies and mineral water), the airline offers standard, FREE checked baggage up to 10kg.

If you are thinking of elevating your flight experience, there are three value bundles to suit your preferences: Saver, Basic and Flex. Passengers who opt for the Flex package get to enjoy the checked baggage allowance up to 30kg, for instance.

Other privileges include up to unlimited flight changes; priority baggage, boarding and check-in; all-seat selection, and travel insurance.

And of course, always keep a lookout for the low fares on offer.


The Kota Kinabalu Hub

Operating out of the Kota Kinabalu Hub at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Firefly offers once-daily flights from Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Sandakan (SDK) and Tawau (TWU), in addition to the Kota Kinabalu (BKI)-Kuching (KCH) and Kuching (KCH)-Miri (MYY) routes.

The airline offers 35 flights weekly within East Malaysia, catering to both leisure and business travellers. The well-connected flight network translates into added flexibility and convenience for your different trips.

With all those key destinations within your reach, connectivity is not an issue. In addition to direct flights, you can also opt for multi-city flights to suit your specific needs for added flexibility.

Be it a vacation, family or friend visit, Firefly connects you with your loved ones, your friends, your business partners, or someone special, regardless of where you are, far and near.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the gateway to Sabah by air, which is also the main gateway into East Malaysia. It is located approximately 8 kilometres southwest of the city centre of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.

The distance between the airport and Kota Kinabalu city centre is about 20 minutes of driving. To get into the city, passengers can either choose the airport bus services, coupon taxis, Grab or the likes, or a rented car.

Tawau, Sandakan and Kuching are among the top 5 most popular destinations for flights out of this airport by frequency. Kota Kinabalu International Airport consists of two terminals – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

For added peace of mind, Sabah is well-connected domestically and internationally. Kota Kinabalu International Airport is capable of handling 9 million passengers annually.

To help your understanding, flight duration from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau is approximately 1 hour while Sandakan takes about 45 minutes. Beyond Sabah, the Kota Kinabalu-Kuching flight takes about 1 hour 25 mintues.


Sabah's domestic travel

Occupying the northern part of Borneo, Sabah is popular destination for both leisure and business, attracting travellers from all over Malaysia and abroad, including tourists from China, Korea, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

For holidaymakers, Sabah offers all kinds of excitement for all ages. The second largest state in Malaysia is an ecological wonderland energised by a vast variety of flora and fauna including exotic plants, wildlife and marine life housed within breathtaking landscapes and environments with diverse ethnic and cultural attributes, gastronomic delights, exciting leisure and adventure explorations.

Apart from natural and cultural diversities, The Land Below The Wind (Negeri Di Bawah Bayu) is known for being a prime example of racial harmony, covering over 30 ethnic groups. Its unique multiracial profile constitutes great significance on the Malaysian heritage trail.

Sabah is gaining prominence on trade shows, following the establishment of Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC), touted as the game-changer that paves the way for the Borneo state to expand into the business and entertainment events market.


Sarawak-bound travel

For Sabahans flying from Sabah to the neighbouring Sarawak, Kuching will be the entry point to start with.

Affectionately known as The Land Of The Hornbills (Bumi Kenyalang), the largest state in Malaysia is enviously blessed with a vast variety of natural and cultural diversities, including unique traditions and dialects.

Sarawak is home to 46 gazetted national parks, 5 wildlife sanctuaries and 15 nature reserves. Its rainforests are among the world’s richest and most diverse. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, there are three hotpots not to be missed -  Bako National Park,  Gunung Mulu National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Niah National Park.

The annual 3-day, iconic Rainforest World Music Festival is a key attraction that gathers travellers from all over the world. The internationally recognized music festival features a wide range of performances from traditional music, to world fusion and contemporary world music.

In addition to Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, other popular business event venues in Kuching include The Waterfront Hotel, Pullman Kuching, Riverside Majestic Hotel, Grand Margherita Hotel, Hilton Kuching, and Imperial Hotel Kuching.

Beyond the capital city, Firefly flies you from Kuching to Miri in approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes.

A refreshing experience with Boeing 737-800

Having a convenient flight connectivity gives you a good head start on your planning; flying with comfortable in-flight features will certainly elevate your overall travel experience.

The intra-Sabah and intra-Borneo networks are served by the retrofitted Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a seating capacity of 189 passengers, catering to both leisure and business travellers.

For air travellers, sitting with shrunk legroom makes the journey dreadful. The good news is that you get to enjoy generous legroom on the ergonomic seats of Firefly's revamped Boeing 737-800 for a relaxing journey. Seating comfort is priceless, after all.    

Other thoughtful attributes include the refreshing interior accentuated by vibrant orange, together with the airline’s welcoming cabin service, flight punctuality, booking flexibility, personal device holders, USB Type A and C power outlets.


Flying can be fun and enjoyable

For some people, flying means having a chance to relax by forgetting about the troubles on the ground. So when you are you are up in the air, hook your smartphone or tablet up and watch movies or listen to your favourite music, or take a sweet nap.

For a journey covering hundreds or thousands of kilometres, flying is easily the most comfortable option, given its minimal fuss and practicality. What makes flying fun and enjoyable is that it is an adventure itself.

If you are traveling to somewhere you have never been to before, this will be an opportunity for you to explore new places and things to widen your horizons.

Enjoy good value for money

The value you get as a traveller is not confined to the ticket price itself. It is more about a smooth and enjoyable journey and the overall experience, right from when you place a booking to enjoying other privileges such as extra luggage allowance, insurance, loyalty rewards, check-in, boarding and flying.  

Make use of Firefly's convenient schedules and value-added services to fit your planning for a pleasant travel experience. Travel with affordability and comfortability in mind onboard Boeing 737-800 with ample legroom to relax your legs for an enjoyable journey.   

Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveller, choosing an airline that prioritises passengers’ well-being with good value for money is a sensible practice. Enjoy the added flexibility and benefits to enrich your travel.  

Here are Firefly’s HOT DEALS to inspire your next trip!



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