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Harvey Norman promises best unique shopping experience
Published on: Saturday, September 16, 2023
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Harvey Norman promises best unique shopping experience
Harvey Norman is committed to being more than a store – a trusted partner in creating ideal home environments.
Kota Kinabalu: Sabahans need not travel to Kuala Lumpur to shop at Harvey Norman for the widest choice of latest consumer electronics to home furnishing products as its first Sabah Harvey Norman Superstore at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall opened on August 28.

Harvey Norman Asia Managing Director Kenneth Aruldoss promises the best unique shopping experience for Sabah customers and tourists.

Kenneth Aruldoss, Managing Director of Harvey Norman Asia.

He said in an interview with Daily Express: “Sabahans are buying from Harvey Norman in Kuala Lumpur and shipping it to Kota Kinabalu.

“Now with our first physical Harvey Norman Superstore in Kota Kinabalu at Suria Sabah, customers do not have to travel to West Malaysia and can shop at their convenience at Suria Sabah.

“We maintain the same price for all products in both West and East Malaysia. We will bring a significant difference to KK, to Sabah.  Retail is detail. And we put a lot of attention to detail, Kenneth Aruldoss said.

We will bring a very different shopping experience to Sabah with our widest selections of top renowned brands from all over the world.”

DE:     Why did Harvey Norman decide to open in Sabah?

Kenneth Aruldoss: “Our decision to open a store in Sabah was driven by a combination of factors that reflect our commitment to meeting customer needs and providing convenient access to quality products.

“Firstly, we recognised a strong demand among Sabahans for high-quality products, paired with a lack thereof within the vicinities of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We wanted to address this demand by bringing our range of offerings closer to them; highlighting our belief of bringing ‘Your Home, Closer Than Ever.’

“The population in Sabah is young, coupled with the booming property market, there will be a lot of first time and new homeowners.

Invest in quality sleep with world – renowned mattress brands such as Serta & Sealy from USA as well as Hilker & Musterring from Germany.

“By establishing a presence in Sabah, we aim to provide the local population with a more convenient shopping experience. Prior to our arrival at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, residents of Sabah often had to travel to West Malaysia to access the products we offer.

Our presence in Sabah brings the convenience of purchasing within East Malaysia itself, saving customers time and effort.

“This move also aligns with our commitment to enhancing the shopping experience. With a physical store in Sabah, customers can interact with products first hand, seek assistance from our knowledgeable product experts, and enjoy the personalised attention that comes with in-store shopping.” 

DE:  Could you share more about Harvey Norman’s ‘Shop with Confidence’ policy?  

Kenneth Aruldoss: “At Harvey Norman, we acknowledge that numerous shoppers encounter a type of post-purchase regret.

This situation arises when shoppers alter their decisions after making a purchase, when concerns about malfunctions arise, or when they realise that the identical item, they bought is priced lower at an alternative store.

“This is why we allow for so much customer freedom within this policy, including:

 i.  The ability to exchange items within 14 days of purchase.

 ii.  Harvey Norman will match a lower product price found elsewhere + top up 10% of the price difference if it is found within 10 days of purchase.

iii.  Reserving a product with a minimum deposit for 7 days to “book” an item as they consider.

iv.  Same day product delivery. 

“In essence, our ‘Shop with Confidence’ policy at Harvey Norman is designed to provide customers with peace of mind throughout their shopping journey, and at the same time, get the best deals from us!”

Customers can find out about the terms on Shop with  Confidence on our website or chat with our friendly product experts in store.

DE: How does the price guarantee in Harvey Norman work?  

Kenneth Aruldoss: “To summarise it for easier understanding, the most important within the Price Guarantee policy is to ensure customers arrive at our premises with the necessary proof of a lower priced product elsewhere.

 “We will match the lower price + top up 10% of the price difference within 10 days of your purchase.

 “This policy covers all genuine advertised and in-store prices of major chain stores only which includes online sites of brick-and-mortar chain stores locally.

Your large screen TV destination.

 “However, the price match does not include trade/roadshow prices, display sets and limited sets deals, opening/anniversary specials, purchase with purchase and package deals.

 “So, there you have it! A simple yet extremely customer-friendly policy we have implemented, as we seek to ease the process of purchasing products for our customers!”

DE:  Is your company’s promised focus on providing a seamless online and instore shopping experience for customers, a differentiating business advantage over your competitors?

Kenneth Aruldoss: “Our omnichannel retail is popular among the consumers. Our E-commerce sales in Kuching and Miri stores are performing very well. Consumers are purchasing on our website and picking them up at the stores.”

DE:  Are there any differences between Harvey Norman Suria Sabah Superstore compared to the other stores in Malaysia?

Kenneth Aruldoss: “Absolutely! What truly distinguishes the Harvey Norman Suria Sabah Superstore is we cater to the whole family.  Among all competitors within Sabah, including both local and international brands, our Harvey Norman Suria Sabah Superstore boasts the widest array of TVs available for purchase.

“For cooking and baking enthusiasts, this is a one stop shop ranging from built-in ovens to small kitchen appliances.

“We carry our exclusive range of furniture and bedding including exclusive labels from Italy, Norway, and USA. Consumers will be able to find on-trend styles and sizes catered for apartments and landed properties.

“For working professionals, students, and gaming enthusiasts, we have one of the biggest ranges of laptops and gadgets for selection.

“By offering such an extensive and diverse range of products, we have solidified our status as the ultimate one-stop-shop for the home in East Malaysia.

Harvey Norman Suria Sabah Superstore not only reflects our commitment to providing quality and variety but also underscores our dedication to catering to the unique preferences and demands of the Sabahan market.”

DE: How many brands are there in total that Sabahans can expect in Harvey Norman Suria Sabah?  

Kenneth Aruldoss: “We can confidently say that Sabahans can expect only the very-best with Harvey Norman when they visit our Suria Sabah Superstore.

“With the opening of this new Superstore, there will be over 100 brands available at the store. 

“These world-class brands are made up of multiple different home and lifestyle departments such as bedding, cooking appliances, electrical devices, gaming equipment, and home furnishings; truly taking the shopping scene within East Malaysia to a whole new level!”

DE:  With the extensive products range in Harvey Norman, customers may feel overwhelmed. How do customers choose what is right for them?

Kenneth Aruldoss: “We can completely understand why some customers might feel overwhelmed with our extensive range of products within our Suria Sabah Superstore.

“Understanding this, we have a large team of friendly and knowledgeable product experts in-store who are dedicated to assisting customers in their purchasing journey. They help with:
  • Guided Assistance: Customers can engage in open conversations with our experts, discussing their requirements openly. This approach helps our experts suggest products that align with customers’ unique needs and ensure they make informed decisions.
  • Detailed Comparisons: Our product experts can offer  comparisons between different models, highlighting the features, pros, and cons of each. This empowers customers with the information they need to choose products that suit them best.
  • Providing Confidence in Purchase: By leveraging the expertise of our product experts, customers can walk away from our store feeling confident in their purchase decisions, knowing they have received tailored guidance and insights.”

DE:     As the leading household brand in Malaysia on an expansion fury, how many stores do you plan to open in the near future? 

Harvey Norman Asia Managing Director Kenneth Aruldoss said he plans to open 10 stores this financial year. Asked about Harvey Norman’s presence in Brunei from where a lot of tourists come over to Sabah for shopping during holidays, he revealed: “Why do you think I set up a store in Miri?”

“As the industry continues to evolve and trends continue to develop, our commitment to staying at the forefront of these changes remains unwavering.

By proactively adapting to emerging trends, we aim to ensure that our valued customers receive not only the best products, but also a seamless and delightful journey with every interaction at Harvey Norman!”    

Harvey Norman is more than just a store - it offers everything you need for your home. Come and see their widest range of renowned brands of electrical appliances, IT and mobile devices, furniture and bedding now at Suria Sabah.


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