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National-level Malaysia Day celebration: Jeffrey hopes Keningau will one day play host
Published on: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
By: Johan Aziz
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National-level Malaysia Day celebration: Jeffrey hopes Keningau will one day play host
Jeffrey (centre) together with Joniston, Robert, Flovia and Arif posing in front of the Oath Stone with government officials and local community leaders.
KENINGAU: Keningau can host the National-Level Malaysia Day celebration at the Batu Sumpah or Oath Stone area in a more meaningful way when the district is sufficiently prepared, said Deputy Chief Minister I, Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

“In the current situation, if we celebrate the National Level Malaysia Day in Keningau (at Oath Stone area), there is not enough places.

“For me, this is good news if one day we can celebrate Malaysia Day in Keningau when we are ready,” he told reporters after inaugurating the History @ Sabah

Museum in conjunction with the 60th Malaysia Day celebration at the Oath Stone grounds of the Interior Region Heritage Museum, Friday.

Jeffrey, who is also the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Industry, said that Malaysia Day at the national level this year was celebrated in Kuching and last year in Melaka.

He said previously, Malaysia Day at the national level was only celebrated in Sabah and Sarawak, but now it is celebrated throughout Malaysia, alternating between Sabah, Sarawak and the states in Peninsula.

“This is good and at it involved all the states.

"Even though National Malaysia Day is celebrated in Kuching, this celebration will still be celebrated in other places in Sabah including at the Oath Stone in Keningau,” he said.

Jeffrey said the ceremony held at the Oath Stone in addition to celebrating Malaysia Day, was also in honour of what is contained in the three points engraved in the Oath Stone.

He said the three points regarding religious freedom, the issue of land and customs were part of the 20 points and very important issues that need to be understood by the people, especially the young generation.

“This monument is very important and a symbol for the people that have been included in the customs of the native people of Interior,” he said.

Regarding the demand for gas and energy supply, Jeffrey said, the central government and the Prime Minister have announced that this will be distributed to Sabah and Sarawak and will be officially handed over on Jan 1 next year.

He described this good and positive step as showing that the current central government has recognised Sabah, its rights and position in Malaysia.

“I hope that with this kind of attitude from the central level, more issues regarding autonomous powers will be accepted by us from the Federal Government, including the rice issue,” he said.

The ceremony began with a traditional ceremony worshipping the spirit of the Oath Stone performed by a Bobolian, Joseph Mitah, which was followed by the slaughter of a white chicken at the Oath Stone and the chicken’s blood  sprinkled on the Commemorative Oath Stone which was then followed by the reading of the Malaysia Day declaration.

Several individuals who donated a collection of antiques and historic photographs to the Interior Region Heritage Museum were presented certificate of appreciation by Jeffrey.

Jeffrey together with other leaders including government officials visited the ‘Outreach Programme’ exhibition site and traditional game shows.

The ceremony concluded with a Relaxed Discussion Forum: The role of community leaders and government departments in empowering the 1977 Antiquities and Treasures Enactment and the 2017 State Heritage Enactment.

Also present at the ceremony were Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, Assistant Minister of Works, Datuk Robert Tawik, Assistant Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-being, Datuk Flovia Ng, Liawan Assemblyman, Datuk Annuar Ayub, State Museum Director, Arif Abdul Hamid, heads of state and federal government departments and community leaders.

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