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DBKK penalises 79 motorists for illegal parking in Sinsuran
Published on: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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DBKK penalises 79 motorists for illegal parking in Sinsuran
Errant motorists being taken to task for leaving their cars in unmarked spaces near the hotel.
CITY HALL has been keeping tabs on roads in the Sinsuran area, with 79 motorists compounded for illegal parking in this part of the State Capital so far this year. 

The agency is also in the process of dealing with several vehicles which have supposedly been abandoned on a road at a Kolombong Commercial Centre.

A spokesman for its Enforcement Department said City Hall officers had periodically been inspecting Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Lorong Gomantong 2, Jalan Dua Puluh and Jalan Datuk Chong Thian Vun – all of which were in Sinsuran.

“A total of 10 motorists were taken to task for leaving vehicles in unmarked spaces during three separate inspections this month,” he said, adding that the most recent inspection was carried out on Friday.

Several vehicles appeared to have been dumped on Lorong Buah Duku 3A in Kolombong.

“Motorists can be deemed to have parked illegally, if there is no demarcation painted on either side of the road surface occupied by their vehicles,” he said.

“This is regardless of whether their automobiles obstruct the flow of traffic in the area.” 

Under the agency’s Provision of Parking Places By-laws (Coupon Parking) 2014, those who leave their vehicles in undesignated parking spaces could be liable to a compound of up to RM500, according to him.

He said repeat offenders and those who failed to settle their compounds could be taken to court.

If they are found guilty they risk being slapped with a RM20,000 fine, serving a 12-month jail term or both, according to the spokesman.

“Our officers went down at various times of the day and night on four occasions in August. About 23 compounds were issued that month.

“Seventeen others were compounded during seven checks in July.” 

He said 16 compounds were served in the Sinsuran area in June and another 13 between February and May.

“We have been trying to deter incidents of illegal parking around a five-star hotel in this part of the City.”

The spokesman was responding to a Luyang motorist’s displeasure about the congestion which formed on Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens during the peak hours after offices closed for the day because of vehicles which were double-parked along the road.

RUBIE bemoaned the difficulty she experienced in turning left at the traffic light intersection, near the Le Meridien Hotel, when she left her workplace in Sinsuran for the day.

“Inconsiderate motorists always park in the lane closer to the hotel,” she said. 

On several occasions, Rubie had horned at drivers who were sitting in their stationary vehicles near the traffic lights.

“Some just looked up but refused to move their vehicles, while others horned back or glared angrily at me.

“They seemed to think it was their right to do as they please even though their actions were inconveniencing other road-users.”

A compound being placed beneath the windscreen wiper of this double cab on Lorong Sinsuran.

A proprietor at the Kolombong Industrial Estate, on the other hand, spoke out against City Hall for failing to do anything about some cars which he claimed had been abandoned along a road at the commercial centre.

FRANKLIN said he had informed the authority twice about the vehicles on Lorong Buah Duku 3A, where his premises was located: initially in May 2022 and again in March this year.

“The cars have encroached onto part of the road,” he said. 

“They have not been moved in so long. The paint on the body of some of these vehicles has begun to wear off in places, while the tyres of others have lost their air.” 

He said many of the public in the area had come to regard these vehicles as having been “discarded”.

Franklin provided the registration plate numbers for two of these cars which was forwarded to the agency on September 7.

The spokesman said it would have to verify the shop-operator’s claims.

“If they prove to be true, then we will ask for the Road Transport Department’s assistance to identify the errant vehicle owners,” he said. 

He said City Hall took a serious view to acts of vehicle-dumping as these automobiles were an eye-sore to the public.

“More importantly, however, these unwanted cars and lorries could become a potential breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes. 

“We are keen to prevent a dengue outbreak from occurring in the surrounding areas.”

The spokesman refuted the suggestion about the agency’s inaction in this matter, saying that “notis peringatan mesra (friendly reminder notices)” had been left on some of the cars in May last year, with the owners being instructed to relocate their property.

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