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Papar Council hopes to upgrade Kinarut road
Published on: Tuesday, October 03, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Papar Council hopes to upgrade Kinarut road
The Council’s staff discussing the possible action which could be taken after checking on the condition of the road leading to Taman Limauan.
THE Papar District Council hopes to upgrade a Kinarut road while – after almost a year – City Hall has finally repaired parts of a Likas stretch, including restoring road-name sign in the area. 

This action was prompted by feedback from two drivers about the potholes which had formed in the roads leading to Taman Limauan and Taman Melor.

They bemoaned the added expenses they had incurred in having the undercarriage and alignment for their vehicles dealt with because of the poor condition of these stretches.

Both individuals furnished Hotline with the location of the damaged road surface. This information was forwarded to the respective agencies.

The road-name sign was also put back in place.

A District Council spokesman said it planned to refurbish a 130-metre length of the stretch between the bridge, near Taman Limauan, and the junction to the Kinarut South Residences.

To this end, he said a preliminary inspection of the road was made last month, shortly after the agency was contacted by the media.

“Four of our officers personally corroborated the motorist’s grievance,” he said.

“We are in the early stages of establishing the precise nature of the improvement involving the road.

“Once the details have been finalised, a proposal will be drawn up so that we can source for funds to realise our intention to give rate-payers living in this part of the district a better driving experience.”

When asked how often maintenance was carried out on the road, the spokesman said this was done as and when it was warranted. 

ZAIN of Papar said the access road to Taman Limauan was laden with potholes of various shapes and sizes, which were a source of frustration to many motorists.

“The condition of the stretch has been going from bad to worse as it has not been maintained for years,” he said.

“It is way past time for the road to be resurfaced. If this can’t be done, then premix should at least be used to cover the potholes.”

He felt that it was important for the road to be attended to regularly as the local community depended on the stretch to reach the town, be it in vehicles or on foot.

Among the latter were pupils who walked to and from their homes in Taman Limauan and SK Pekan Kinarut, according to Zain.

City Hall’s RPG crew in the midst of repairing the potholes at the junction to Taman Melor.

He said the condition of the road had gradually been deteriorating over the past few years.

Zain said, whenever it rained, some of the potholes resembled wading pools for kids.

“The stretch becomes difficult to use especially for those with smaller vehicles during a downpour.

“It is impossible to swerve around the potholes as the damaged sections have grown quite wide.”

To make matters worse, he said the pools of water remained, even after the sun came out.

“It takes a while before these pools dry up. I suspect that this ponding problem may be contributing to the damage and aggravating the road woes.”

Meanwhile, City Hall has sealed the damaged sections of Lorong Kelepuin which leads to Taman Melor in Likas.

A spokesman for the agency said its road patching gang (RPG) had repaired the potholes on Friday.

“The RPG crew also put the road-sign name back upright after earlier finding that it had toppled over,” he said.

“The base of the previous pole had been eaten away by rust.”

He said scheduled maintenance was carried out on the road from time to time.

LO of Likas bemoaned the damage to the stretch used to access his home, off Mile 2 ½ Jalan Tuaran.

He estimated that some of the potholes were almost half a metre deep.

“The uneven surface of the road disrupts the alignment of our vehicles,” he said.

“I have also scrapped the undercarriage for my car on numerous occasions.

“There is no way to avoid going over the exposed sections of the asphalt as, in some cases, they spanned the width of the road.” 

Lo said he had twice highlighted this problem to City Hall – in November 2022 and January – but nothing had been done to improve the stretch.

“At one stage, I even contacted a local politician about these road woes.

“I hope the authorities do not wait for someone to be injured, or worse, due to a bad accident before they intervene.” 

The spokesman said City Hall staff noticed that potholes had formed in the stretch over the past few months.

“This may be an unfortunate consequence of the heavy rains which Kota Kinabalu has been experiencing on and off,” he said.

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