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Department monitors water supply to Manggatal, Inanam, Sembulan
Published on: Friday, October 13, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Department monitors water supply to Manggatal, Inanam, Sembulan
The agency’s tanker driver helps a homeowner in Taman Bakti Ikhlas to fill up his empty containers.
THE Water Department is monitoring the supply to neighbourhoods in Inanam, Manggatal and Sembulan, following feedback about the dry taps at these locations.

Consumers on two housing roads in Ujana Kingfisher went without a drop for four days earlier this week, while one in Taman Bakti Ikhlas and another at D’ Banyan Residency bemoaned the erratic supply which they had been receiving for some time.

A Department spokesman said a problem with the control panel at its Kingfisher Park pump-house was to blame for the lack of water on Lorong Ujana 12 and 13.

He said this came to light when the agency’s staff checked on the mechanisms inside, shortly after being contacted by the media.

“Our technicians found that one of the starters was out of order and replaced it on the spot, before resetting the control panel,” he said.

“This component was likely to have been damaged as a result of an unexpected power surge and was causing the duty pump to trip.”

After restoring the pump, he said, any airlocks which had formed in the main distribution pipes servicing Ujana Kingfisher were later released.

“The affected consumers regained their supply in stages once sufficient pressure had built up in supply line leading to their homes.”

The water pressure in the D’Banyan area was found to be acceptable after the Department’s technicians had the distribution mains flushed.

The spokesman said the Department’s staff would step up their inspections of this pump-house to try and minimise the inconvenience caused to those living in the neighbourhood.

He explained that the installation housed one other pump which was a stand-by device.

“They were asked to be especially mindful of any blackouts that may occur around the Kingfisher Park area, in case the duty pump doesn’t come on by itself and has to be manually reactivated.”

When asked how often its equipment inside was maintained, he said this was done according to a fixed schedule.

“The pumps are checked once every two or three months. This periodic maintenance involves ensuring that the control panel, including the automatic sensor, functions as it should. “The components for the pumps are also greased as and when this becomes necessary.”

In the case of Taman Bakti Ikhlas, the spokesman said the Department had been delivering treated water to the housing area on and off, while the agency struggled to identify the errant parties who have been siphoning off the supply to its metered consumers there.

“We carry out disconnection exercises regularly to try and curb the water theft which has been taking place in the area,” he said.

“Our personnel remove the pipes which have been illegally attached to our distribution mains, only to find new ones attached to the pipes a few days later.”

He said anyone who made “an unlawful connection of a service pipe to a public mains or to another service pipe serving another premises” could be deemed to have contravened the Water Supply Enactment 2003. “Offenders risk having to settle a fine for as much RM100,000, serve a jail term of up to one year or both.” In cases where the wrongdoing was committed by a corporate body, he said the management could be held liable for a fine of up to RM500,000.

He said the agency’s staff were still trying to catch the culprits so, for the time being, its tankers were being deployed to Taman Bakti Iklhas and some of the surrounding areas.

“This allows the affected consumers to fill up their pails and empty containers and then carry this water back to their premises.

“Many of them do not have their own ground tank. Those who do have placed it in their backyard which is difficult for our tanker to access.”

The hose from the vehicle was not long enough to reach the rear of the latter premises, according to him.

Power surges caused the booster pump inside the Department’s installation for the Kingfisher Park area to trip.

“We are presently in talks with our upper administration on how best to assist our registered customers in this part of Sepanggar.”

Meanwhile, the fluctuating levels at the Department’s reservoir in Kepayan has given rise to the intermittent supply at the D’ Banyan Residency in Sembulan.

The spokesman said its R2B reservoir on Bukit Pewira could hold as much as 500-million litres of treated water.

“We have found that the pressure of the supply in many of the distribution mains is still weak, even when the reservoir is half full,” he said.

“This is especially so during the peak hours, when shops and offices were open, with the strength of the tap water only improving at night or in the wee hours.”

He said this was an inevitable consequence of the agency’s growing consumer-base in the Kota Kinabalu area.

“We have been trying to meet the high demand from the various commercial and residential properties around the City.

“Our technicians have been going to the D’Banyan area almost every day to flush out the air which gets sucked into the distribution mains.”

They checked on the pressure of the supply, after being contacted by the media recently, according to him.

“At the time, the strength of the water in the pipeline was found to be acceptable.”

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