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Ikramtransports: Recommended and Trusted Car Rental in Kuching
Published on: Tuesday, October 17, 2023
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 Ikramtransports: Recommended and Trusted Car Rental in Kuching
It’s the holidays, and you are finally taking on this vacation to dreamy Kuching, Sarawak. Only problem is… you don’t have a way to get around. E-hailing can be costly, and public transports aren’t always convenient., a rental car, however, provides you with the freedom and flexibility to travel wherever you want, whenever you please. If that’s an option you’re considering, you’re in luck! Kuching companies are amongst the most affordable on the market, with 30%-40% cheaper car rental rates, so you can meet your budget needs without compromising on your comfort.

But with so many car rental companies, how do you choose the best one? Keep reading for tips on how to get a high quality cheap rental car in Sarawak!

Important Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Kuching Sarawak Car Rental Service

So you’ve set your mind on a rental service… But what are some factors you should take into account prior to deciding which to go with? First, identify your travel needs. What is the nature of your trip? Will it involve children? How much luggage and goods will you need to bring along? All important questions to ask yourself before making your choice. For example, family holiday or corporate retreats might require MPV/SUV size cars or vans, whereas solo travellers are likely to favour a smaller vehicle. Check out our website:

Friendly Staff

The required rental period is also something to consider, as certain Sarawak car rental companies will offer lower prices for longer rental periods; perfect if you are planning a lengthy trip! 

As trivial as it might sound, be sure to carefully read all the terms and conditions of the car rental before making a final decision. While not the most exciting part, it will save you considerable trouble: some companies may offer lower prices but with less flexible terms and conditions, such as additional charges and car pick up and drop off locations. It’s always better to be fully informed on what you are signing up for! Check out our website:

Once you’ve got those details down, you can start looking into pricing comparison between companies, always aiming for the highest quality within your budget. But rest assured, this does not have to be a long, strenuous process. In fact, we’ve done some of the work for you! Read on to find out about the best car rental service company in Kuching

Best Car Rental Kuching Sarawak – Car Rental Rates as Low as 30%-40%.

Here’s the part you’ve probably clicked on this article for. What is the best car rental service in Kuching, Sarawak? For a wide selection of vehicles, well-maintained cars, and good value, look no further than Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports

Online Booking

Not only is this company offering 30%-40% cheaper car rental rates, but it comes with a major perk: packages complete with drivers for your comfort and convenience! Yes, you read that right: long car journeys can be exhausting and driving yourself everywhere is something you can do back home. So what better than a private driver? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Check out our website:

Among the Types of Vehicles Offered in the Lowest Price Packages

For those vacationing on a tight budget, Ikramtransports’ lowest price packages are some of the best deals you will find in Kuching, Sarawak. From a compact car Myvi for individual use to a van type vehicle Toyota Hiace for group use, you are offered a diverse choice of transportations, adaptable to both your financial and travel needs.

Various Types of Vans for Rent in Kuching Sarawak

Coming with a large family or looking to organize a group tour? Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports has got you covered with their amazing van service! Spacious and comfortable, each van is equipped with an air conditioning system and can accommodate 11 to 25 people. 

Car rental Kuching Ikramtransport' Nissan Urvan van has a load capacity of up to 13 people, perfect for parties or travels, all for the rental rate of RM350 per day. For a more economical choice, the Toyota Hiace can be yours for only RM280 per day. Check out our website:

Various MPV/SUV Rentals in Kuching, Sarawak

Traveling with kids can be a real hassle, especially if they lack space or comfort. But don’t worry, Car rental Kuching Ikramtransport provides Multipurposes vehicle (MPV); larger and more spacious than regular cars, they will ensure maximum convenience for your children during their travels.

A Perodua Alza MPV can carry up to 5-7 passengers at a time, making it ideal for a larger travel group. For an added touch, its modern and elegant looking dashboard provides you with a great driving atmosphere. Check out our website:

Receive Local Order (LO)

If you want the benefits of a modern car while saving up on fuel, try Toyota Fortuner, a large SUV with the best fuel economy. Powered by 4WD gear, it has automatic air conditioning for the second and third row passengers, making every trip more comfortable for everyone, especially under the Kuching heat!

Various Sedan/Mini Car Rentals in Kuching, Sarawak. 

Of course, large families are not the only ones in need of a comfortable driving experience. For middle-aged people or those with smaller families, the Axia is a good choice: a compact car with an interior size comparable to the Perodua Myvi, and is able to comfortably carry five people. Maximal comfort at minimal costs.

For distinguished visitors with a higher budget wishing for a more exclusive experience, luxury sedans are also available. With a spacious seating area, sedan-type rental cars – such as the Toyota Camry – also have a luxurious appearance, complete with sophisticated security systems. For work trips with colleagues (or simply to drive around in style!), the Toyota Camry car is a highly recommended choice. Check out our website:

Overall, Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports provides customers with plenty of affordable vehicle options, ranging from all sizes, and accommodating every need. Make sure you consider Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports as your choice of Kuching car rental service when visiting Kuching! To know more about their car rental price package and wide selection of rental cars, click here.

Easy and Fast Kuching Rental Car Booking Process

But that’s not all. In addition to delivering amazing services, Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports also makes it easy for customers to purchase their service package through a simple and quick online process. For reservations, just search for the vehicle you want, then select the date of use and make the payment online. You will then receive a booking confirmation via email. Et voila! 

Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports also has policies that customers should be made aware of prior to their booking. First, rental options can be made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You are also given a free additional 1 hour from the designated time to return the vehicle. However, if the return of the vehicle exceeds this given time, you will be charged 10% of the rental price. A delay of more than 6 hours is considered 1 full day and a subsequent daily fee will be charged, so try to be punctual! Check out our website:

In addition, it is recommended to take out a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to avoid being held liable in the event of damage to the vehicle. If any accident or theft occurs, you are required to report it to Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports and the police within 24 hours. All rented vehicles are equipped with anti-theft GPS to guarantee vehicle safety.

Last minute change of plans happen, and should you want to cancel the reservation, a refund of 50% of the total payment will be given, as long as notice is made at least 5 days before the reservation date. 

Many Other Services in Kuching Car Rentals

Kuching Rental Car Driver Service

As mentioned above, Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports wants you to have the most relaxed and easy-going journey possible, thus offering chauffeur services along with your Kuching rental car. That way, you can fully enjoy your trip without the added strain of driving everywhere yourself and possibly getting lost. Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports’ hired drivers are all customer friendly and knowledgeable about the tourist areas around Kuching, making for a very pleasant experience. With over 12 years of experience, they will likely be able to give you tips on interesting places to visit, local food spots, and other hidden gems found around the biggest city in Sarawak. Check out our website:

• Travel Packages

If you are looking for a pre-planned travel experience full of adventures and activities, Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports also offers a comprehensive and attractive tour package. This includes visits to popular tourist centres such as Tasik Biru, Tugu Burung Kenyalang, Waterfront, and many more. In addition, you will be taken to delicious lunches and dinners at top spots around Kuching. The package also offers convenient services such as pick-ups and drop offs of the holiday group from the airport, ensuring the smoothest experience from start to finish!

But what if you wish to explore areas outside Kuching? Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports has thought of that as well! With approval, the company offers the option to visit Sri Aman and Sibu with an additional fee and approval. Further details about this package can be discussed together with Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports to ensure the suitability of your trip. Check out our website:

What Are People Saying About Ikramtransports Car Rental Service?

So there you have it: Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports is without a doubt the best and most recommended car rental service in Kuching. But don’t just take it from us. Read below what previous customers have had to say about their experience with Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports!

"Very efficient service. The car was delivered to the airport directly to the renter. The car given is also a comfortable new model. Reasonable rental prices and value for money. Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports is definitely the choice for those who need car rental services around Kuching.” – Amer Fawwaz Mohamad Yasid

"Services are solid... Satisfied with a nice car... So anyone from Kuching can rent a car here... The most important thing is that the car rental price is cheap and the depo is not high...” – Afidah Aziz

Check out our website:

"New car, clean and nice. Good and responsive support. Hassle-free car rental in Kuching! Highly recommended!” – Bruce PK

“Excellent service!!! The car is clean, new, well maintained, punctual and very easy to manage. Highly recommended!” - Ogy Hamzah

"The best car rental experience. Rent Axia, new car, only 150km on the road. Clean. The rental rate is very cheap and the service is fast. Definitely want to rent again if I come to Kuching in the future" – Mohd Saifullizan Mohd Janis

"Book a rental car on their official website. The manager contacted me when the booking date was approaching. The car is solid, ready at the arrival gate even before I leave the airport. Their team advised me to drive according to the speed limit because there were many speed traps that have just been installed. I drop off the car to them at the departure gate without having to wait a long time. All processes were very organized. Recommended!!” – Carlson Leong

"Highly recommended, Very Responsive and Professional, especially when changing cars. The team explains and takes proof of scratches before giving the car to us. The vehicles provided are new and save fuel. Will definitely rent again!!” – Pei Ching Cha 

Let's book the best rental car in Kuching with Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports

Sold yet? If you are, don't miss the opportunity to have the ride of your life with Car rental Kuching Ikramtransports.

There will also be a 20% discount for persons with disabilities (OKU) and to top it off all payments can be made through credit cards. 

For more information about their rental car service, visit the official Kuching Sarawak rental car website. Click the button to book now! Check out our website:

Ikram Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd

Address: 1st floor, Sublot 4, Lot 1522, Block 17 KCLD, Lorong Lapangan Terbang 5J5, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact number:

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