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Department keeping tabs on Taman Penampang Phase 2 erratic water supply
Published on: Thursday, October 19, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Department keeping tabs on Taman Penampang Phase 2 erratic water supply
The Department’s technician confirmed that water was reaching the bulk- meter for Taman Penampang Phase 2 and that the pressure was strong.
THE Water Department is keeping an eye on Taman Penampang Phase 2 to mitigate the problems caused by the low pressure of the incoming supply to the property.

The management company (MC) for the apartments, on the other hand, is trying to expedite repairs to a leaking elevated tank, which began on Saturday. There are two such receptacles on the grounds, each with a 25,000-gallon capacity. Apartment owners at three different blocks contacted Hotline recently about the difficulties they had experienced in receiving tap water since the end of September. Two of these individuals occupied second-floor units with the other living on the first floor. They spoke out about their erratic supply, saying that on ‘good days’ a thin ribbon of water was available for a few hours after midnight, while on ‘bad days’ only the sound of air could be heard moving through their pipes.

One of the 2 elevated tanks for Taman Penampang Phase 2 has been out of commission since last Friday.

They had been filling up their containers at a tap – near a bin centre in one part of the compound – and carrying this water back up to their apartments just to get by.

Both the Department and MC were asked about what had been transpiring at the property.

A spokesman for the agency said its staff went Taman Penampang Phase 2, shortly after being contacted by the media.

“They checked on the condition of the main distribution line before the bulk meter for apartments and found that water was reaching the device,” he said.

“At the time, the pressure of the supply at this section of the water mains was deemed to be acceptable.”

He said these technicians also had a look at the pump-house in the vicinity.

“They observed that the booster pump was functioning as it should. The level of water inside the ground tanks was also high on this occasion.

“All the other fixtures inside the compound were observed to be in good order. None of them appeared to be leaking.” He said the agency was unable to reconcile these findings with the feedback about the low pressure in this part of the district.

This was especially so because none of the other properties in the vicinity seemed to be having this problem, according to him.

He said the Department’s personnel theorised that there might be a problem with the “internal reticulation” for the property.

“Some of our officers conducted a site inspection with the MC’s representatives to discuss the water situation. “We are working together with the company to try and minimise the supply-related irregularities at the apartments.”   A spokesman for the firm said its staff had been wrestling with how best to handle the water woes at Taman Penampang Phase 2 for some time because the strength of the incoming supply to the property had been week.

“Due to the low pressure over the past few weeks, there have been many days when only a meagre amount of water has entered our compound.”

The spokesman said the MC had made the Department aware of these observations.

The water pressure to the four-storey apartment blocks was compromised further after the damage to one of the property’s elevated tanks came to light last Friday, according to him.

The specialist contractor and his team has sealed most of the tears in the leaking tank.

He said a “specialist contractor” was called in as the receptacle was found to be “severely leaking”.

“We had initially expected the repairs on the tank to be completed by the coming Monday,” he said on October 18.

“But, as of Wednesday, the contractor and his team have managed to deal with all the major tears in the body of the installation. “He is presently waiting for the sealant coatings to dry.

“We hope to carry out a test today to see if it is ready to be used. Should this prove to be case then our unit-owners may find that the pressure of their tap-water has improved.”

Whatever the case, the spokesman said, the MC was trying to have the tank functional again by Friday.

He said Taman Penampang Phase 2 comprised of 1,626 units over 29 blocks.

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