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Department eyes new reservoir for Ujana Kingfisher
Published on: Tuesday, November 07, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Department eyes new reservoir for Ujana Kingfisher
The Department’s staff reactivates the pump at Ujana Kingfisher after finding that it had tripped.
THE Water Department is looking at the possibility of having the supply for Ujana Kingfisher channelled through a new reservoir – which is being built along the section of Jalan Sulaman near Kg Sabagon – in a bid to ease the recurring inconvenience caused by dry taps in the neighbourhood. 

While deciding whether to enact this plan, the agency will be keeping tabs on the water situation in the Inanam housing area.

The same will also be done at Taman Flamingo, in Manggatal, due to the irregular supply at the residential property.

A Department spokesman said the new reservoir would become operational once “some issues with the piping downstream” had been sorted out. 

He confirmed that treated water was reaching the main distribution pipe for the Likas housing area but that it was low.

He was unable to specify when the installation would be ready but explained that declining water levels at its existing R13 reservoir, from which Kingfisher consumers drew their supply, were to blame for the recent problems in the neighbourhood.

“This gave rise to the low pressure of the supply at some of the affected premises, while at others not even a drop of water was available,” he said.

He said homeowners in Taman Flamingo encountered similar difficulties around the same time when levels at the Department’s R18 reservoir fell.

“We tried to have treated water temporarily diverted to both R13 and R18 for a period afterwards.”

One of the Department’s technicians has the pipes around Taman Flamingo flushed.

The spokesman said the Department hoped to keep the equipment at its Ujana Kingfisher and Taman Flamingo pump-house functioning as it should by boosting the levels inside both receptacles

“A sensor switches the water-pumps off, when the levels are low, and switches them on, when the levels next reach the required height.”

He said, from time to time, the pumps had to be manually reactivated, after an electricity disruption.

“Our pump operators have been asked to be more wary of any blackouts and to be more prompt in switching on these devices after the power is restored.”

The spokesman said maintenance was carried out on the pumps once every two or three months, according to a fixed schedule.

“This work involves ensuring that the control panel, including the automatic sensor, functions normally. 

“The pumps’ components are greased as and when this becomes necessary.”

He said the agency’s staff had been asked to step up their inspections of these devices to ensure that they did not break down.

“This is done daily in select areas from Ujana Kingfisher all the way to the KKIP which have been identified as ‘trouble spots’.”

The water pressure in the Manggatal neighbourhood was deemed to be acceptable.

The spokesman was responding to grouses from two Ujana Kingfisher consumers and another from Taman Flamingo. The former had been without a supply for a week, while the latter had not received a drop for two days.

Each of these consumers had contacted the Department about their supply woes. 

They were displeased that its Careline staff could not tell them when they would roughly regain their tap water.

These homeowners furnished Hotline with the location of their homes which was forwarded to the Department.

The spokesman said its staff went to both housing areas shortly after the agency was contacted by the media.

“At the time, they found that the water-pump in Ujana Kingfisher had tripped and had it reactivated.

“Our technicians later double-checked that the supply was reaching the main distribution pipes inside the pump-house compound. 

“The pressure was on the low side but that was not unusual for a week-day morning when water usage peaks.”

In the case of Taman Flamingo, the Department’s staff made “some minor repairs” to the components inside the control panel for its water-pump, according to him.

“One of the sensors was found to have malfunctioned,” he said.

“Our personnel reset the pump and, later, flushed some of the pipes around the neighbourhood to clear the air-locks which had formed inside.”

He said the pressure of the supply was deemed to be acceptable in that instance.

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