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Helping 110 Sabahans earn RM1.6 million
Published on: Monday, December 04, 2023
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Helping 110 Sabahans earn RM1.6 million
Ewon (centre) in a group photo withe the particapants.
Kota Kinabalu: Institut Keusahawanan Negara Berhad (Insken) helped Sabah entrepreneurs increase their  revenue to over RM1.64 million through two coaching programmes, namely the Menu Profit Guidance Programme and the Insken Bumiputera Business Coaching Programme (IBBC).

Altogether, 110 entrepreneurs consisting of Homestay, Kiosk Vendor, Grocery Store and food & beverage entrepreneurs from various districts including Tawau and Semporna successfully completed a long-term one-on-one coaching session with industry experts.

The breakdown of the increase in sales revenue of RM1.64 million is divided into two namely;
  • RM1.5 million was successfully generated by 81 IBBC Programme entrepreneurs and;
  • RM113,000 was successfully generated by 29 Menu Profit Guidance Program entrepreneurs

More proudly, these two mentoring programmes have succeeded in raising the status of five Sabah entrepreneurs from the micro category to small enterprises.

The achievement of the Insken guidance programme also recorded 30 new jobs through the IBBC Programme and 28 participants had a new food delivery medium through the Menu Profit Guidance Programme.

According to the Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick, the training and guidance programmes organised by Insken for micro and informal entrepreneurs are in line with some of the main focuses outlined to be realised through the 2024

Budget to ensure business continuity and further create a superior entrepreneurial nation.

Insken Chief Executive Officer Muhd ​​Firdaus Azharuddin said, the entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur mentoring approach applied in Insken mentoring programme turned out to be successful. 

Furthermore, entrepreneurs will be guided to improve every necessary entrepreneurial component including business management, marketing, cost calculation and finance in addition to having the opportunity to learn useful tips and best practices that can be put into practice from the guidance of industry experts.

Emily Bozou, owner of Putaton Tindama Grocery Store located in Penampang was awarded as the best participant in the IBBC Grocery Store Programme with a 91 per cent increase in sales. 

The factor that affects the increase in sales results is through the business technical training component “Building SOPs for Small Retail Businesses” during the four months of the program. 

She successfully applied tips for organising goods strategically, in an orderly manner and according to the customer’s wishes. 

In addition, she also succeeded in improving financial management and expanding the network of suppliers of goods as a result of guidance from industry experts.

The achievements of the participants of the Menu Profit Guidance Programme are also no less great with a 38 per cent increase in sales.

When following this programme for three months, Andreyani Mohd Jafar, owner of Dapur Ibu Ann in Tawau was exposed to the importance of pricing with appropriate margins and effective cost calculations in the Advanced Menu Profit Workshop. 

The Menu Profit Guidance that she studied for only three months allowed her to transition from food processing activities to opening a stall in front of her house and now she plans to open a cafe in Tawau.

The success of the 2023 Sabah Edition Insken guidance programme is the result of a strategic collaboration with Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) and the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry.  

Insken values ​​cooperation and always welcomes cross-Ministry and agency collaboration. 

The participants’ success was celebrated at the Sabah Insken 2023 Guidance Programme Graduation Ceremony which was officiated by Ewon.

More information on training and guidance programs can be found through Insken official website at and Insken official social media.

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