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Ensuring no illegal garbage dumps
Published on: Wednesday, December 13, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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Ensuring no illegal garbage dumps
SWMD staff confirmed that a lot of garden waste had been thrown on the road-reserve.
City Hall is keeping an eye on the goings-on in a Luyang neighbourhood to ensure that illegal garbage dumps do not spring up in the common areas.

The Public Works Department (PWD), on the other hand, has called on the concessionaire looking after a section of Jalan Beaufort-Sipitang to be more mindful about the litter around a bus-stop on the road reserve.

Any refuse around the structure is generally removed by the company’s staff when they trimmed the grass on the verge.

This action was prompted by feedback about the garden and renovation waste piled up beside a retaining wall in one part of Taman Fu Yen and the bits of rubbish strewn about under the Beaufort bus-shelter.

A sign was put up to deter litterbugs from dumping rubbish on this Luyang verge.

The homeowner and bus-stop user who separately spoke out about these garbage woes provided Hotline with the relevant information which was forwarded to the respective agencies.

A City Hall spokesman said an inspection was made of Taman Fu Yen on the same day that it learned about what was happening in the neighbourhood.

Officers with the agency’s Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) confirmed the presence of a sizeable amount of trimmings and building material at the base of a small slope on Lorong Unta 6, according to him.

“The isolated road-shoulder had been transformed into a dumpsite,” he said. 

“Because of the number of piles and volume of rubbish, our staff got the impression that this must have been going on for months.”

He said it took two days to clear the mess from the verge.

“The garden waste was manually removed first and then a backhoe-case was brought in to assist in efforts to deal with the heavier concrete debris.

“A sign was later put up to deter litterbugs from misusing the reserve again.”

Council staff in the midst of clearing the rubbish at the Beaufort bus-stop.

The spokesman said those caught disposing of their refuse on the road-shoulder risked being served with a compound for as much as RM500 under the agency’s Anti-Litter By-Laws 1984.

To this end, he said, SWMD staff had been asked to make periodic checks of the housing roads in Taman Fu Yen to try and catch the errant parties red handed.

“Repeat and defiant offenders risk of having legal action taken against them. Should they be found guilty in court, they face the possibility of having to settle a fine of up to RM10,000.”

He said City Hall offered a prepaid garden and bulky waste collection service to residential rate-payers as it was keen to minimise the likelihood of illegal dumps springing up around housing areas under its jurisdiction.

As to how the prepaid service worked, he said an orange sticker should be affixed to each piece of bulky waste which had been discarded, while a green one should be attached to the individual bags of garden waste.

The trimmings should be cut down to a more manageable size prior to being bagged, according to him.

“The homeowner is required to alert us to the type of waste he/ she is getting rid off and specify his/ her address, in such instances.

“The unwanted items, including the bags of garden waste, should then be placed beside their dustbin, outside his/ her gate.

“They should be left in such a manner so that the stickers are visible from the road-side.”

He said City Hall aimed to have this waste removed within a week from the date of the rate-payer’s call

“Two of our trucks will be sent to the homeowner’s area for this purpose. 

“It would be impossible for the bulky waste to be loaded into our compactors and to do so with the bags of garden waste would risk compromising the hydraulics of these vehicles.”

Meanwhile, District Council staff cleaned up the area around a bus-stop on the main road, near the Beaufort Vocational College, earlier this week.

A spokesman for the agency said four of its workers removed the rubbish lying around the shelter and cut the grass around the shelter on Monday.

“This was a one-off effort, carried out on compassionate grounds for the benefit of the public, as the road is not under our jurisdiction,” he said.

A subsequent check revealed that Jalan Beaufort-Sipitang, along which the bus-stop was situated, was listed in the PWD’s road register.

A Department spokesman said one of its concessionaires had been tasked with maintaining the stretch, including the verge on either side.

“The grass on the road-shoulder is trimmed according to a fixed schedule and any rubbish lying around the shelter is cleared when this maintenance is performed,” he said.

“We are contemplating asking the College’s administration for help in dealing with the litter at the bus stop.

“We hope the senior staff will have a word with the students about being more civic minded when it comes to disposing of their rubbish.”

When asked about the absence of bins at the bus-stop, he said it was not the Department’s place to provide these amenities.

“Eventhough, we look after the road, we did not have the shelter built in the first place. The agency which did this should have had bins placed here.

“Nevertheless, it has not escaped our attention that the roof needs to be changed as parts of the ‘atap’ are either missing or damaged. We will speak to our superiors about the possibility of getting some funds to attend to the roof.”

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