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City Hall makes ‘trash-booms’ for Darau River
Published on: Friday, December 15, 2023
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall makes ‘trash-booms’ for Darau River
SWMD staff in the midst of clearing the rubbish trapped by the boom in the monsoon drain near the Karamunsing Police Station.
CITY HALL is having “trash-booms” fashioned at three strategic locations across the Darau River in a bid to deal with, if not mitigate, the volume of rubbish which is finding its way into the waterway in this part of Manggatal.

A spokesman for City Hall’s Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) said work to construct the booms – each measuring between 40-50metres in length – got underway recently.

“We expect to have them all put up by early next year,” he said. “This project is being carried out under ‘Rancangan Malaysia Ke-12 (The Twelfth Malaysia Plan)’. 

“Some parties from the Darau and Rampayan areas have taken to dumping their garbage indiscriminately into the river instead of making use of the nearest bin-centres, or refuse chambers.”

The trash trapped by select booms around KK, like this one behind the UTC, is cleared everyday.

He said the agency’s garbage collectors cleared the waste from bin-centres at commercial properties in the locality on a daily basis, while those at apartments and condominiums were removed three times a week.

“We will try to have the rubbish trapped by the booms fished out of the Darau River every day, much like what we have been doing at certain parts of the Sembulan River over the past two years.”

Where the Sembulan River was concerned, the spokesman said, the booms straddled the sections of the monsoon drains beside the Imago Shopping Mall and the Karamunsing Police Station, as well as the one behind the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

“The booms near the Police Station and UTC were put up with funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah.

“We intend to repair the one, which stretches across the monsoon drain in the Kolombong area and have more put up in other parts of Kota Kinabalu.”

He said City Hall was sourcing for an allocation to implement this plan.

The spokesman appealed to those living or working at properties near rivers to refrain from polluting these waterways with their refuse. 

He said it was an uphill task keeping the rivers, and in some cases monsoon drains, clean as household waste was frequently seen bobbing on the surface of the water inside.

“Many of the public are under the impression that this waste is being carried on the tides from Pulau Gaya, or coming from the squatter colonies along the rivers but that is not the case.

The government concessionaire’s staff removes the weeds from this frontyard drain in Taman Sinar Baru.

“About 60 per cent of the rubbish is dumped by those staying in the ‘tamans (housing areas)’ upstream.”

SWMD staff could fish out the rubbish from the water today only to find that it was back again 24 hours later, according to him.

The spokesman said City Hall would try to make the community in this area more aware of the inconvenience created by their “lack of discipline and inconsiderate” actions.

Meanwhile, City Hall will step up to efforts to maintain the backyard drains in the Dah Yeh Villa area, including those around Taman Sinar Baru, and has urged the government concessionaire to do the same to those in the front.

A spokesman for the agency’s Landscaping Department explained that the company was responsible for maintaining the drains along the housing roads in the State Capital, while City Hall attended to those behind residences under its jurisdiction.

The former structures were cleaned according to a fixed schedule, with the same being done to the latter once every six months, according to him.

“Our workers will try to come in even before the scheduled cleaning, to deal with any complaints involving the back-yard drains,” he said.

He said an inspection was made of Lorong Kenawai 7B after the agency was contacted by the media.

“Landscaping staff confirmed that the roadside drain was clogged with weeds.”

The spokesman said the concessionaire was apprised of these findings.

“They returned a few days later to find that all the greenery inside had been removed.”

When it came to the grass on the drain reserves around residential properties, he said this maintenance was carried out by City Hall staff on a monthly basis.

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