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Department keeping tabs on water supply
Published on: Thursday, January 11, 2024
By: Sidney Skinner
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Department keeping tabs on water supply
The Department’s staff confirm that treated water was reaching 6the Kg Padang Berampah area.
THE Water Department is keeping tabs on the supply to one part of Sipitang, following feedback that the taps at some homes in Kg Padang Berampah and Kg Pantai Lama had intermittently run dry since the Christmas public holidays.

A Department spokesman said these supply woes were triggered by issues involving separate pumps at the Kg Ulau Water Treatment Plant in two instances over the past fortnight.

He explained that a pump which handled the treated water sustained some damage on December 26, while the component for another which handled the raw water had to be replaced on January 6. 

“Water production temporarily ground to a halt on both occasions,” he said.

The pressure of the water at the flushing point for Kg Pantai Lama was found to be strong.

He said the output from the Plant dropped by 50 per cent due to the shutdowns.

Between 15 to 16 million litres of treated water was produced daily under normal circumstances, according to him

He said the shortfall in production contributed to the low water pressure around the district, with some receiving an erratic supply while others received not a drop at all.

“Those in the affected areas were advised to stock up on tap-water and use these reserves sparingly.

“Notices to this affect were circulated over social media around 6.30pm on December 26 and 12.30pm on January 6.”

Besides Kg Padang Berampah and Kg Pantai, the other village which felt the impact of the shutdowns included Kg Melamam, Kg Marau, Kg Mendulong, Kg Kaban, Kg Lubang Buaya, Kg Parusiku, Kg Bangsal, Kg Tanjung Nipis, Kg Bahagia, Kg Seri Menanti, Kg Batu 7, Kg Batu 1, Kg Batu 2, Kg Ulu Sipitang, Kg Guruh-Guruh, Kg Pelakat, Kg Jalan Pelakat, Kg Buang Sayang, Kg Sungai 3, Kg Naluya, Kg Lalang, Kg Menengah and Kg Sisim.

Consumers at the Petronas Housing and premises along Jalan Laugan, Jalan Samur, Jalan Sungai Batat and Jalan Naparan also experienced difficulties with their supply.

Those living and working in Sipitang town and the Sindumin area were not spared from the water woes.

The spokesman said operations at the Plant resumed hours later, in both cases, after the necessary repairs and maintenance work on the ‘autotrans panel’ had been completed.

“The affected consumers regained their supply in stages once sufficient pressure had built up in the supply line leading to their premises.

“In some instances, it took about one or two days for this recovery to occur.”

When asked how often the equipment at the Plant was maintained, he said this was done according to a fixed schedule.

“Nevertheless, we will step up our inspections of the various fixtures to try and minimise any shutdowns related to malfunctioning machinery.”

On calls from some quarters for the Department to have trucks deliver treated water to villages where the supply had been disrupted, the spokesman said a tanker had been deployed to some parts of Sipitang for this purpose during the water woes in December and January.

“The vehicle was lent to us by our peers from the Beaufort branch. If need be, we would have enlisted the help of the Sipitang District Council to make use of their tanker but it did not come to this.

“Priority was accorded to sending water to clinics places of worship and schools over individual homes.

“In both instances, we did not receive requests from any school authorities to have water delivered to their premises.”

The spokesman said its personnel checked on the condition of the main distribution pipes in the Kg Padang Berampah and Kg Pantai Lama on Tuesday.

“They confirmed that water was reaching these areas. At the time, the pressure of the supply was found to be strong.”

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