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RM10 billion invested in industrial development: Phoong
Published on: Tuesday, February 13, 2024
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RM10 billion invested in industrial development: Phoong
Phoong said Sabahans are lucky because each race is never marginalised and given a fair chance to celebrate their respective festivals.
INDUSTRIAL Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Datuk Phoong Jin Zhe said 2024 marks a significant turning point in industrial development, with over RM10 billion invested in the first nine months alone as Sabah embarks on its industrialisation journey. 

“Notably, the completion and full operational status of the RM3-billion Kibing Group’s project in the first quarter of 2024, alongside the successful first shipment and imminent full operation of the SK Nexilis project, highlight our progress.

“With an increase in export value and the creation of over 2,000 high-skilled jobs, these investments underscore my Ministry’s commitment to propelling Sabah towards a progressive future,” he said at a Chinese New Year media luncheon hosted by his Ministry at a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu on Feb 3. 

On behalf of his Ministry, he extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the media for their unwavering support and commitment. 

“Your dedication to excellence inspires us to continue striving for greater achievements and to build a brighter future for Sabah. 

“As we embark on this New Year, let us reaffirm our commitment to working hand in hand, forging stronger bonds, and achieving greater success together,” he said, adding the luncheon was a heartfelt gesture to express his Ministry’s sincere appreciation for the dedication, commitment and hard work of the media.

“We recognise the invaluable role played by the media in fostering communication, transparency, and understanding within our community.

“Over the past five years, through your relentless efforts, media partners have consistently supported our growth, especially in numerous federal, state and by-elections.

We are confident that with the current political stability, we will not witness any elections in the near future,” he said.

In TAWAU later the same day, Phoong said the State Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry will remain committed in empowering the State’s food industry so that local products can penetrate overseas markets.

He said last year his Ministry allocated RM15 million to help Sabah’s food industry entrepreneurs to increase the marketability of their products in the international market. 

He said the food industry remains one of the important industries in Tawau and was happy to learn that an Amplang (seafood cracker) company here managed to export their products to Japan during his visit there last year. 

“Everything started with small steps before being finally able to export their products to the world market... This is a good start for Sabah.

“This year, I will plan a promotional visit to potential countries for us to help entrepreneurs further expand local products,” he said at the Tawau International Light Fest 2024 (Celebrating CNY with DAP Leaders) at Dataran Fuji Park, Jalan Sin Onn, recently. 

Phoong said Sabahans are lucky because each race is never marginalised and given a fair chance to celebrate their respective festivals.

He said the State Government also allocates funds to every race and religion to organise various activities to celebrate their celebrations, including Chinese New Year festivities at various levels.

He saw that the effort was capable of increasing the spirit of unity and racial harmony in Sabah, as well as ensuring that the State’s peace was maintained. 

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