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Jesselton Twin Towers a step away from Occupation Certificate
Published on: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
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Jesselton Twin Towers a step away from Occupation Certificate
THE Jesselton Twin Towers – the tallest landmark on Borneo (pic) comprising two 56-storeys upscale residential blocks and a commercial annex – expects to receive its Occupation Certificate next month (March, 2024)

It occupies 197,000 sq m and towers 192.50 metres in Damai, Luyang.

The Sabah State Administrative Centre is the tallest building at 33 stories, while Sarawak’s Wisma Sanyan has 28 stories, and Brunei’s Ministry of Finance building reaches 21 stories.

Tower A has 410 units and Tower B has 409 units, totaling a GDV (Gross Development Value) of RM900 million.

The towers pack engineering excellence and cutting-edge technology, including earthquake resistance up to a magnitude of 7.0 and Sabah’s first high-speed Mitsubishi electric elevator. 

It is the first project in East Malaysia to integrate the climbing protection screen system (PERI).

It incorporates a solar system, energy-efficient LED lighting, rainwater harvesting and water cut-off techniques at specified floor levels.  

The project was honored with The Borneo Star Award as the Best East Malaysia Development by The Star.

Featuring sliding doors and windows of double-glazed laminated glass which remains intact when shattered, reducing the risk of injuries and blocking almost 99pc of harmful UV rays while minimising unwanted noise.

There’s a multi-tier security system and the lobby offers a stunning cityscape view and Mount Kinabalu.

The rooftop provides an exceptional vantage point to admire the Kota Kinabalu cityscape.

Sky facilities on levels 54 and 55 include a Sky bar & cafe, Sky garden & terrace, private lounge & dining, and a Lounge & and Library.

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