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Indonesian polls: Almost 80pc turnout in Sabah
Published on: Saturday, February 17, 2024
By: Hayati Dzulkifli
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Indonesian polls: Almost 80pc turnout in Sabah
A polling officer attending to a voter before casting his vote at the Indonesia Consulate Kota Kinabalu, recently.
Kota Kinabalu: The Indonesian voter turnout in Sabah for its National General Election 2024 almost reached 80 per cent on Feb 11, said its Indonesia’s Overseas Election Committee for Sabah head Marwana Wardhana.

He said some 98,669 Indonesians working and staying in Sabah were identified as official voters in an electoral roll list to vote in the general election of Indonesia.

“Our voter turnout for Sabah was actually at 79.83 per cent which was also equivalent to 78,766 voters who cast their votes in designated polling stations in Sabah including at Indonesia Consulate here and the Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu (SIKK).

“In fact, the voter turnout also showed an increase of between three and six per cent in comparison to the previous general election in 2019,” he said here recently.

As for the remaining voters who did not go out to vote, Marwana said they found out that some had returned to Indonesia while some were unable to leave their premises or homes due to bad weather on that day (Feb 11), among others.

He said the whole process of managing and supervising the voters in Sabah had been smooth, calm and without problems.

There are 18 national parties competing in the general election and there are three main pairs of election candidates vying for president and vice president posts recommended by several parties.

Meanwhile, the Indonesia’s Overseas Election Committee member for Sabah, Lingga Setiawan said about 3,000 Indonesian voters who registered to vote at Indonesian Consulate here (1,800 voters) and SIKK (over 800 voters), had been issued with invitations a week before the voting day on Feb 11.

Hence, he said those voters who did not get such invitations to vote in the two designated voting stations, would be ushered to a help desk to check if they had registered and qualified to vote.


“If these voters (who have no invitations) are qualified and registered at other voting stations, but wish to cast votes at the Indonesia Consulate Kota Kinabalu here, then they have to wait for their turn.

 “This is because the Election Committee needs to make sure those voters who have the invitations to cast their votes first at the Indonesia Consulatebefore the others,” said Lingga who is also a Consul (Economy) at the Indonesia Consulate Kota Kinabalu here.

He said the same opportunity would also be given to those Indonesians who had yet to register but qualified to vote such as they are legally working and staying in Sabah.

However, he said the Election Committee would disallow Indonesians who come to Sabah as visitors for a short time.

According to Lingga, there are no postal votes but their polling officers would bring mobile ballot boxes to Indonesian workers at any place in Sabah so as to make sure they discharge their rights to vote.

Normally, he said the Indonesian voters would be asked to gather at one place like in plantations to cast their votes.

Of the total 98,669 voters, he said more than half come from the mobile ballot boxes in Sabah.


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