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PWD to improve Jalan Kolam-Jalan Sena traffic flow
Published on: Tuesday, February 20, 2024
By: Sidney Skinner
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PWD to improve Jalan Kolam-Jalan Sena traffic flow
City Hall personnel having a word with the kindergarten staff about the traffic woes.
THE Public Works Department (PWD) is deliberating over how best to improve the traffic flow at the T-junction between Jalan Kolam and Jalan Sena.

City Hall, on the other hand, has been keeping an eye on the latter stretch to minimise the likelihood of vehicles being haphazardly parked on sections of the verge near a restaurant and kindergarten in this part of Karamunsing.

This follows feedback about the traffic hazards, not to mention congestion, created by the many cars which encroached on either side of the single carriageway during those times when both premises were in operation.

The Harrington Court motorist, who spoke out about these problems, provided Hotline with the pertinent details. This information was forwarded to the Department and City Hall.

PWD staff brainstorming possible improvements to implement at the T-junction near Jalan Sena.

A PWD spokesman said a team from the agency’s Traffic Section went to Jalan Sena, shortly after being contacted by the media.

He said they monitored the movement of vehicles at the T-junction, before brainstorming on possible ways to look after the safety of drivers entering from – as well as exiting onto – the main road. 

“We are considering the possibility of having the existing road markings reconfigured,” he said.

“Additional signs, including ‘No Parking’ ones, may also be put up at strategic locations on the road shoulders.

“We want to do away with the inconvenience caused by stationary vehicles impeding the traffic flow on Jalan Sena.”

When asked whether flexi-posts could be put up on the median to deter inconsiderate drivers from occupying the verge, the spokesman said this was another idea which the PWD was toying with.

He said such posts had been put up around the triangular traffic island on Lorong Sena 1 to regulate the movement of drivers accessing a petrol kiosk and houses in the vicinity.

“We are still studying all our options but tentatively hope to implement some, if not all, of these improvement strategies later this year.”

City Hall, meanwhile, has roped in the restaurant operator and administration of the kindergarten to help mitigate the problems caused by patrons and parents parking any old how on the road.

A spokesman for the agency’s Enforcement Department said the former had placed traffic cones on the section of the road shoulder closest to the eatery.

“Our officers noted the presence of orange cones near the shop during our most recent check just before the Chinese New Year Public Holidays,” he said.

“Friendly reminder letters (‘Surat Peringatan Mesra)’ were placed under the windscreen of two vehicles during an earlier night-time inspection.”

Where the kindergarten was concerned, he said enforcement personnel had twice met informally with the establishment’s senior staff about the jams which formed on the section of Jalan Sena outside the front gate just before classes began and ended for the day.

The first meeting took place on Nov 17, the second on Jan 23, according to him.

City Hall enforcement staff conducting a night time inspection of the road near the restaurant.

“The principal informed us that she was well aware that some parents had a tendency to park however they liked while dropping off and picking up their kids.

“She acknowledged that such inconsiderate behaviour had contributed to the congestion in the area. We were made to understand that the even the Police had spoken to her about this problem.”

The spokesman said City Hall staff were told, during the meeting last month, that the administration intended to come up with some means of tackling these parking woes.

He said, to date, no compounds had been issued to errant drivers at either location.

“But our staff are continuing to monitor the traffic situation along Jalan Sena and will act accordingly if the problem gets out of hand.

“Motorists can be deemed to have parked illegally, if there is no demarcation painted on either side of the road surface occupied by their vehicles.”

Under the agency’s Provision of Parking Places By-laws (Coupon Parking) 2014, those who leave their vehicles in undesignated parking spaces could be liable to a compound of up to RM500, according to him.

He said repeat offenders and those who failed to settle their compounds could be taken to court.

If they are found guilty they risk being slapped with a fine for as much as RM20,000, serving a 12 months jail term, or both, according to the spokesman.

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