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Anwar says today’s leaders must not be arrogant like colonialists
Published on: Wednesday, February 21, 2024
By: Bernama
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Anwar says today’s leaders must not be arrogant like colonialists
Anwar Ibrahim, striking a pose like former prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, at the 68th anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence in Banda Hilir, Melaka, last night. (Bernama pic)
MELAKA: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim advised today’s leaders against being avaricious and arrogant like the officers of the countries that once colonised this nation.

He said current leaders must not behave like that if they are sincere about wanting to build Malaysia to be a better place for all.

“We know that we would not be here enjoying the benefits of independence if not for the services of the great leaders of the past, who were willing to pledge their lives and property to gain independence for our nation.

“This is also a reminder to the current leaders to learn from the positive and good qualities of those before them, and not to be influenced by the greed, arrogance, recklessness of colonial officials,” he said at the 68th anniversary of the declaration of the country’s independence in Banda Hilir here last night.

Anwar said the next generation must strive to develop the economy, provide a high quality of education and health services, besides attracting tourists and industries.

The prime minister also said that while the country’s constitution is seen to give privileges to the Malays, it does not exclude other races who fought for the country’s independence together.

“That’s why the leaders at that time, when drafting the constitution, stipulated the position of the Malay language, Islam as the federal religion, the rights of privileges of Malays and the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers, but never intended to belittle the rights of others, degrade others or insult them (non-Malays).

“They are recognised as legitimate citizens who jointly fought for independence … this is an important lesson for our country,” he said.

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