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Covered drains in Beaufort, Inanam monitored
Published on: Friday, February 23, 2024
By: Sidney Skinner
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Covered drains in Beaufort, Inanam monitored
A technician puts a new metal cover in place in this part of Beaufort.
THE District Council will step up efforts to maintain the cement walkways around Beaufort, including those which have been built over the covered drains, while City Hall is checking on the condition of a similar structure in one part of Inanam.

This follows feedback about the exposed sections in a parking area – between Jalan Chung and Lorong Padas Dua – at the former town, as well as a five-foot way in front of some shophouses – along Jalan Kionsom – at the latter.

The Beaufort motorcyclist and Inanam shop-keeper, who spoke out about the hazards posed by “the holes” in these common areas, separately provided Hotline with the pertinent details. 

This hole in the pavement along Jalan Kionsom is a hazard to pedestrians.

This information was forwarded to the respective agencies.

A Council spokesman said new rectangular metal covers were put in place on the cement median at the asphalted motorcycle parking area recently as the previous ones had been vandalised.

“The affected sections were covered with plywood a day after we realised the covers were missing,” he said.

“Makeshift signs were also put up to indicate where the holes were located.

He said the agency hoped in this way to temporarily protect pedestrians from injuring themselves and to alert motorcyclists of trouble-spots were. 

“We didn’t want them to accidentally back into the holes.”

The Council’s contractor places some plywood markers over the exposed sections in the parking area for motorcycles.

The spokesman explained that maintenance was carried out on the concrete median, and drain underneath, when it warranted doing so.

Nevertheless in light of what had transpired, he said, the Council had called on its staff to be more mindful of any irregularities involving the covered drains around Beaufort.

“They were also asked to keep their eyes peeled for anyone who attempts to tamper or make away with our metal covers. 

“The public can also play a part in this surveillance by reporting any suspicious goings-on directly to us so that the necessary action can be taken.”

HALA of Beaufort voiced his concerns about the danger posed by the uncovered sections in the parking area between two blocks of shophouses in the town.

He said motorcyclists could back into the holes and wind up being thrown from their bikes.

“Those going on foot, on the other hand, may not see where they are going at night and could end up walking into the holes,” he said. “They could very well wind up twisting their ankle or injuring themselves.”

“This can very easily occur at night should the streetlights in the vicinity be rendered out of order.”

Hala suspected that the metal covers, which previously concealed the exposed sections in the median, might have been stolen.

“If this is the case, then the local authorities should look into attaching these covers in such a way so as to make them difficult to be removed.

“Failing this, they should consider fashioning the covers from some other material, such as fibre-reinforced plastic. Concrete slabs could also be used instead.”

Meanwhile, City Hall is the process of verifying the damage to a section of the pavement in front of the old shophouses, beside Inanam Taipan, along Jalan Kionsom.

A spokesman for the agency’s Engineering Department said an inspection would be made to determine if part of the concrete walkway had indeed given way.

“Should this prove to be the case, we will arrange to have the damaged slab removed, with a new one put in its place,” he said. 

“On top of this, our contractor will be asked to check on the condition of the other slabs around the shophouses and to attend to any which are loose or missing.”

The spokesman said maintenance was performed on the pavement, as well as the covered drain below, when it was deemed necessary to do so.

LESTARI of Inanam said the “hole” was hazardous to those going on foot.

“I hate to think what could happen if an expectant mother or a senior citizen unwittingly walked into the hole,” she said

She said she had noticed this problem some time ago.

“Several of my customers also shared their concerns about the dangers posed by the damaged pavement.” 

Lestari hoped the relevant agency would intervene and have the damage repaired before anything unfortunate occurred.

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