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PETRONAS’ Sabah OGSE Partners Day 2024 Builds Resilient Ecosystem
Published on: Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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PETRONAS’ Sabah OGSE Partners Day 2024 Builds Resilient Ecosystem
From left to right: Liyana Shahril, Head of Strategy & Excellence, Group Procurement of PETRONAS, Terry Biusing, SMJ Energy Director of Oil and Gas, Datuk Thomas Logijin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Sabah, Syaharudin Hassan, Head of Industry Shaping and Collaboration, Group Procurement, PETRONAS, and Mohd Razali Kamin, Head of Procurement Projects, Operations & International, Group Procurement, PETRONAS unveiling the Kinabalu Activity Outlook which provides strategic overview and acts as a guide for industry players.
Kota Kinabalu: In contributing to the development of Sabah’s oil and gas sector, the Sabah Oil and Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) Partners Day 2024 showcased PETRONAS’ commitment in fostering increased collaboration and supporting a resilient future for the industry. 

Held at the Sabah International Convention Centre, here, on Tuesday, the day-long event serves as a platform to share the latest updates on OGSE programmes and initiatives to drive the state’s industry forward.

Highlighting the significance of the initiative, Siti Ayu Haniza A Wahab, Head of PETRONAS Sabah and Labuan, emphasised the need to enhance the competitiveness of Sabah vendors on both regional and global platforms, thereby making a direct impact on the country’s economic growth.

Syaharudin delivering the welcoming remarks at the Sabah OGSE Partners Day 2024 

“This event is a resounding rallying call to the industry, encouraging stakeholders to shift their focus towards the energy transition and emphasise cross-industry collaboration to elevate the capabilities and secure the long-term success of Sabah’s OGSE landscape,” she said. 

More than 350 vendors participated in the event, including industry leaders and subject matter experts who shared their insights on current industry trends. 

Meanwhile, Nur Ashikin Awang, Chief Executive Officer of Nuri Cerah Sdn Bhd, pointed out the substantial advantages of the Sabah OGSE Partners Day for her business and other Sabah vendors. 

“The event featured a session with contractors and banks backed by PETRONAS, offering potential future project opportunities in the oil and gas industry. 

“Engaging directly with financial institutions and industry players is crucial for assisting local Sabahan vendors in obtaining funding and enhancing their business capabilities,” she said. 

Encouraging response to PETRONAS’ Sabah OGSE Partners Day 2024 held at the Sabah International Convention Centre. 

Nur Ashikin conveyed her gratitude for the initiative, highlighting its positive impacts to individual businesses like Nuri Cerah Sdn Bhd, emphasising the programme’s potential to boost competitiveness and drive industry advancement. 

Kinabalu Activity Outlook 2024-2026

The event also unveiled PETRONAS’ Kinabalu Activity Outlook, providing insights into Sabah’s OGSE landscape, outlining overall plans across various industry categories, including both upstream and downstream businesses, for the next three years. 

The Kinabalu Activity Outlook was launched by Syaharudin Hassan, PETRONAS Head of Industry Shaping and Collaboration, and witnessed by Datuk Thomas Logijin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Sabah.

Syaharudin underscored PETRONAS’ determination to deliver long-term sustainable value as a national oil company and a global energy player. 

“Recognising the requirements for the local OGSE industry to thrive, the Kinabalu Activity Outlook lays out incoming activities in Sabah. This is how we assist in sharing, facilitating and guiding vendors to make the necessary preparations,” he said during his welcoming remarks. 

Echoing his message, Siti Ayu highlights the role of the Kinabalu Activity Outlook in propelling the Sabah industry forward.

“The Kinabalu Activity Outlook plays an important role in driving the oil and gas industry in Sabah by providing insights on OGSE activities in Sabah for the next three years.

“By offering a strategic overview, the document serves as a signpost for industry players to make informed decisions and nurture targeted initiatives,” she said.

Continued Cross-Industry Collaboration and Value Co-Creation

Working together with the Sabah State Government and industry stakeholders, PETRONAS aims to create a sustainable and thriving industry ecosystem that benefits the local community whilst contributing towards the nation’s economic growth. 

Jesselton Jason James, Vice President 1 of the Sabah Oil and Gas Service Council, highlighted the benefits of partnerships with PETRONAS for Sabah OGSE players. 

“From the perspective of Sabah OGSE industry, we can see a steady increase in the contract priotisation from major industry players. We hope this will translate to a rise in jobs and employment opportunities as well,” he said when interviewed. 

Exciting partnerships and industry insights shared during the event.

Jesselton welcomed the introduction of the Kinabalu Activity Outlook as it allows Sabahan vendors to make early preparations and form strategic partnerships with technology providers and established industry players to boost their capabilities and capacities. 

“The Sabah OGSE Partners Day provides a valuable platform for Sabahan vendors to improve our technical and commercial skills, empowering us to enhance our competitiveness in the industry,” he said. 

“I am confident that this event will open up opportunities for Sabahan vendors to secure more contracts in Sabah waters, ultimately contributing to the economic development and growth of the State,” he added. 

Also present was Ezwan Zakaria, the Vice President in the President/CEO’s Office at Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC), who provided insights into the government agency’s perspective on their partnership with PETRONAS in nurturing OGSE players. 

“As a government agency under the Ministry of Economy, MPRC works closely with key industry stakeholders, particularly under the National OGSE Industry Blueprint 2021 – 2030.

This collaboration is crucial for developing and advancing the industry players to the next level,” he said. 

Ezwan noted that collaboration between stakeholders to develop and enhance the oil and gas industry in Sabah is essential to ensure its sustainability and growth.

“PETRONAS plays a significant role as the regulator and key player in the industry and ecosystem.

Whereas on the government side, MPRC facilitates and works closely with local stakeholders such as the Ministry of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship, the Sabah State Economic Planning Unit, SMJ Energy Sdn Bhd, Sabah Oil & Gas Services Council (SOGSC) and other industry associations, and local industry players. 

“The goal is to provide support and assistance, especially in finance, sustainability, technology, and talent development, to help the industry progress and tap into building local capabilities and supporting Sabahan companies to contribute to the ecosystem and overall industry growth in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole,” he added.

PETRONAS calls for the industry to gear towards adapting to the ongoing energy transition such as shifting towards lower carbon initiatives, pursuing net zero emissions, and exploring renewable energy sources.

As such, cross-industry collaborations and co-creation in upskilling capabilities are crucial to chart new frontiers for the OGSE industry.

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