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Bukit Harapan needs van badly
Published on: Saturday, April 13, 2024
By: Sherell Jeffrey
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Bukit Harapan needs van badly
Bukit Harapan at Jalan Tuaran by-pass.
Kota Kinabalu: Bukit Harapan, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing love and support to children and adults of all races and religions, is facing a pressing need for a vehicle to support to the home’s administrative work and daily operations. 

Its founder, Datuk Anne John P Arulnaselam-Keyworth, fondly known as Mama Anne, said there is urgent requirement for at least a 10-seater vehicle to facilitate tasks such as sending their children to school, hospital, registering them at the Welfare Department and buying groceries. 

“Currently, we rely on just one car and a pickup which is on loan from an individual, to meet our transportation needs,” she said.

Mama Anne

She said the limited mobility poses challenge to her team in efficiently carrying out their duties. 

In light of the pressing need for a suitable vehicle to support the home’s operations, Mama Anne hopes that the government or other charitable organisations could provide funding or assistance to acquire a suitable vehicle. 

“Such support would greatly enhance our ability to continue our mission of providing a loving and supportive environment for our residents,” she said. 

Bukit Harapan, located along Jalan Tuaran Bypass, is home to 36 residents, ranging from three to 54-year-old. 

“I have a strict stance against any form of abuse or mistreatment and always emphasise the importance of treating the residents with kindness and respect,” said Mama Anne who is known for her unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and happiness of the children under her care.

“Nobody can be rough with them,” she said. 

“Bukit Harapan’s role in the community extends beyond providing physical care, we also aim to instil a sense of family and belonging among its residents,” she said. 

As Bukit Harapan continues to provide a safe and nurturing environment for its residents, the need for community support and assistance remains crucial. 

The provision of a suitable vehicle would not only aid in the home’s daily operations but also symbolise a community coming together to support those in need.

Mama Anne’s plea for assistance highlights the ongoing challenges faced by non-profit organisations in meeting the needs of their communities. 

Despite these challenges, she remains optimistic, relying on the generosity and compassion of others to support Bukit Harapan’s mission.


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