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Kadazandusun Language Department launches ‘Wiki id Sikul’ programme at Tuaran school
Published on: Tuesday, April 30, 2024
By: Clarence Dol
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Kadazandusun Language Department launches ‘Wiki id Sikul’ programme at Tuaran school
Front row, third from left: Dr Linah, Sitiamah, Rosmahwati, the lecturers, SK Kindu teachers and the students of PISMP Bahasa Kadazandusun Intake June 2020-2025 and 2021-2026.
Tuaran: The Kadazandusun Language Department (JBKD) and Kent Wiki Club (KWK), Institut Pendidikan Pendidikan Malaysia (IPGM) Kent Campus have implemented the ‘Wiki id Sikul’ Program at SK Kindu, Tuaran here.

The programme was created as a momentum to move the Kent Wiki Club to be more active not only at the international level but at the surrounding community level.

The programme called the Wiki Kent Kindu Programme 2024 (WKK2024) involves three main activities such as exposure of Wikikamus (Wikidictionary) to Year 5 and Year 6 students.

The talk is related to ethnic languages, the use of Digital and Innovation in PdP to the teachers of SK Kindu as well as educational activities for BKD trainees with level one and two students who are not involved in Wikikamus activities.

This Wikikamus activity requires the students to enter new words into the Wiki dictionaries and within two hours, the students managed to enter 260 words.

This activity was conducted by students of Bahasa Kadzandusun (BKD) who are also members of KWK and had participated in the Wikimedia programme in Singapore last year while other members of KWK guided level one and level two students who were not involved in Wikikamus activities through fun educational activities.

The lecturers gave lectures on the importance of knowing and learning ethnic languages so that the mother tongue does not disappear. 

The lecture was delivered by the Head of Department, JBKD, Dr Linah Bagu @ Siti Nurlina Abdullah.

 In addition, a talk on the use of digital in Teaching and Learning (PdP) by Dr Rosie Johnny and Innovation in teaching and learning using artificial intelligence (AI) by Rosmahwati Binti Ebbie.

The talks aims to help and expose teachers to improve teaching and learning methods that are more interesting and effective through the use of digital and innovation in PdP so that the PdP process becomes more interesting, creative and adaptive.

The programme not only gives a new injection to the students and teachers of SK Kindu but also to the BKD students and lecturers to always be ready to share good ideas to balance the programmes inside and outside IPGM Kent Campus so that the existing knowledge can be shared together.

The programme, which received full mandate from the IPGM Director of the Kent Campus, Dr Hamidah Binti Samsudin, not only helped JBKD and KWK to reach the community but also provided an opportunity for SK Kindu itself to appear on the international stage through the involvement and registration of their students in the Wikikamus platform.

The “Wiki id Sikul” programme also aims to expose students to the existence of the Wikimedia platform as a free, independent project that can be edited and accessed at any time.

It allows the students to collect and enter Bajau Sama and Dusun vocabulary and translations into Wikimedia as a form of struggle to dignify the mother tongue.

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