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Extra Joss expands sponsorship in the world of football
Published on: Friday, May 03, 2024
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Extra Joss expands sponsorship in the world of football
Extra Joss is now the Official Broadcast Sponsor of the Malaysia Football League on Astro, which is a significant move in aligning with Malaysia's football craze.
Kuala Lumpur: Extra Joss is deeply committed to uplifting the global football community, with a special focus on Malaysia. 

Mr Oktavianus, country manager for Kalbe Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the parent company and maker of Extra Joss highlighted the company’s dedication, expressing, "Locally, we're proud to serve as the official broadcast sponsor of Malaysia, while also backing several football clubs to foster talent and engage fans through thrilling events and initiatives."

Internationally, Extra Joss aims to forge strategic partnerships with key football leagues and clubs, aiming to boost their global brand visibility and connect with enthusiasts worldwide. This alignment with football sponsorship, springs from the shared values of passion and perseverance between the sport and the brand itself. "Football is a sport that embodies passion, dedication, and perseverance. We believe that those values also strongly resonate with our brand, therefore, we love to get involved with football enthusiasts," Mr Oktavianus said.

Extra Joss being the Official Broadcast Sponsor of the Malaysia Football League on Astro marks a significant stride in aligning the brand with Malaysia's football fervor. This collaboration with Astro promises extensive brand exposure during match broadcasts and halftime shows, coupled with interactive campaigns to deepen engagement with fans across social media platforms.  

Nicholas John, Head of Sports at Astro said, “We are thrilled to have Extra Joss as our official broadcast sponsor of Malaysia Football League for the upcoming season. We are increasingly pursuing strategic collaborations to capture the wide range of available opportunities to elevate the Malaysia Football League viewing experience for our customers, hence we’re very pleased to have Extra Joss provide exciting engagement with fans as part of this sponsorship. With Extra Joss as part of our team, we're confident this season will be a great one and we certainly look forward to future collaborations that will further benefit our customers."

Extra Joss emphasises the platform's power to strengthen the company's brand, engage its target audience, and expand its market presence, especially among football fans.

"Leveraging Astro's status as Malaysia's home of sports channel and Extra Joss's popularity among Malaysian football enthusiasts, the collaboration offers a mutually beneficial opportunity to enhance both brands. This collaboration enables us to reach a broader audience of football fans across the country through extensive broadcast coverage on Astro's platforms.

"Specifically, this partnership involves several initiatives and collaborations. The key is brand visibility. Extra Joss will be prominently featured during live match broadcasts, half-time shows, and other football-related content on Astro, enhancing our brand visibility and recognition among viewers.

"There is also fan engagement. We plan to engage fans through interactive campaigns, contests, and activations during match broadcasts, creating memorable experiences and strengthening our connection with football enthusiasts on Extra Joss social media. Furthermore, there is also community outreach where we are supporting universities and high school football programs to nurture young talents," Mr Oktavianus added.

Mr. Oktavianus, Country Manager of Kalbe Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Extra Joss stands out in the crowded Malaysian League market with its unique energy-boosting products tailored to the needs of passionate football fans. With variants like Extra Joss Active boasting flavours like pineapple, grape, and mango, they cater to diverse preferences, whether consumed alone or mixed with milk to fuel fans during matches. Extra joss comes in powdered format that is very easy to carry anywhere and can mix with milk, so everyone can drink the beverage, while they’re watching football matches to give them energy to support their favourite club.

Looking ahead, Extra Joss teased upcoming surprises for loyal customers, hinting at expansions in sports support and market presence. Utilizing the company's sponsorship, it coordinates integrated marketing campaigns that extend across digital platforms and live events, cultivating memorable experiences for football enthusiasts.

Extra Joss' involvement extends beyond broadcasts, with on-ground activations at stadiums and interactive fan engagement zones, ensuring a holistic brand experience. Social media integration amplifies these efforts, encouraging fans to share their experiences and participate in exclusive promotions.

With a keen eye on evolving digital trends, Extra Joss is enhancing its social media presence through partnerships with football influencers and co-branded content initiatives. Their association with Astro as the premier sports channel in Malaysia further solidifies their position as the preferred energy drink among football aficionados, creating a mutually beneficial synergy.

"In the near future, we have an exciting surprise in store for our loyal customers. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming months. We are continuously seeking to broaden our product range and deepen connections with our valued customers, and we have thrilling developments on the horizon. Firstly, we're dedicated to expanding our support for sports activities in universities and high schools across Malaysia. Secondly, we're focusing on bolstering our presence on the East Coast. This means that moving forward, Extra Joss will empower more Malaysians to stay energized every day and accomplish more," Mr Oktavianus revealed.

He elaborated on Extra Joss's approach to maximizing its sponsorship through integrated marketing campaigns spanning various channels, including digital and social media. These efforts aim to create cohesive and impactful brand engagement with football fans. Additionally, the brand orchestrates engaging on-ground activations at stadiums, ensuring exceptional experiences for fans.

During live football broadcasts or events, Extra Joss actively engages with the audience, organising live contests and giveaways to create memorable experiences and foster excitement. The company also establishes fan engagement zones at stadiums or event venues, offering interactive activities related to football and Extra Joss and fostering memorable moments for participants.

Moreover, Extra Joss integrates its sponsorship and activations with social media platforms, encouraging fans to share their experiences using event-specific hashtags and handles, thus amplifying reach and engagement across digital channels. Exclusive merchandise and discounts further enhance the brand's engagement strategy, offering fans unique football-themed merchandise and promotions during live broadcasts or events.  

As digital media and social platforms evolve, Extra Joss is adapting its strategy to resonate more deeply with fans and customers. This includes partnering with football influencers and collaborating with broadcasters and online platforms to develop engaging co-branded content and activations.



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