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Water: UMS urged to engage with students
Published on: Monday, June 10, 2024
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Water: UMS urged to engage with students
Mustapha and his team during their visit to UMS.
Kota Kinabalu: Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Mustapha Sakmud, suggested that UMS organise an engagement session with the students, especially involving the UMS Student Representative Council, to disseminate accurate information regarding the water supply situation.

He made the suggestion during his visit to UMS on Sunday to obtain the latest information on the university’s water supply requirements amidst concerns raised about water shortages.

According to water meter readings provided by the UMS Development and Maintenance Department, the average water supply obtained from the Sabah Water Department from January to May 2024 was around three million litres per day, with an increasing trend observed in recent months.

In May 2024, the average water supply received was 3.5 million litres per day, compared to 3.4 million litres per day in April and 2.9 million litres per day in March.

The Deputy Minister addressed claims circulating on social media and the planned #KamiMahuAir Sabah gathering on June 14, which alleged that UMS had no water supply and did not receive any water from the Water Department.

During the media session, Mustapha Sakmud clarified that UMS had constructed nine dedicated tubewells to supply water to the student residential colleges using funds from the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Higher Education. 

These tubewells can produce up to one million litres of water per day, reducing the impact on students during water supply disruptions from the Water Department.

He said that the increase in water supply shows the State Government’s concern and efforts, through the Water Department, to ensure that UMS students receive water supply and are not disrupted by the current situation.

While acknowledging that the tubewells are in full operation to supply water to the residential colleges, Mustapha said UMS still relies on water supply from the Water Department for daily use, as the university’s water supply requirement is very high, between three to five million litres per day, with a current population of up to 20,000 people, including 16,000 UMS students.


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