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‘Madani Community plays key role in information delivery, channeling public feedback’
Published on: Monday, June 10, 2024
By: Bernama
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‘Madani Community plays key role in information delivery, channeling public feedback’
Fahmi speaks at the Putatan Madani Community event. - fotoBERNAMA
PUTATAN: The Madani Community plays a crucial role in disseminating information about government policies to the public and relaying feedback from grassroots levels to the government, said Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

In this regard, Fahmi, who is also the spokesperson for the Unity Government, stressed the importance of maintaining a strong two-way relationship between the Madani Community and the Communications Ministry and its agencies, particularly the Information Department, to achieve this goal.

He also committed to continually listening to issues and problems raised by the Madani Community and bringing these matters to the attention of the relevant parties within the Madani Government for immediate action.

“My hope is that the close relationship between the Madani Community, the Information Department and the Ministry of Communications can create a good synergy, where the Madani Community helps to disseminate information to the grassroots and channels the issues faced at the grassroots level to my office.

“We hope for more active, better and more beneficial two-way communication,” he told reporters after attending the Putatan parliamentary-level ‘Sembang Santai Komuniti Madani’ programme here today.

Earlier, in a separate speech at the ministry’s Excellence Service Awards ceremony for Sabah and Labuan Zone in Penampang, Fahmi urged the Information Department to be proactive in explaining government policies to the public, including the issue of targeted subsidies.

He said this was important in ensuring accurate information about every step taken by the government is clearly conveyed to the public, to prevent irresponsible parties from creating incorrect perceptions.

“Savings from the rationalisation of subsidies will be directly channelled to the people through more initiatives that will be implemented, which will increase the people's income and prevent subsidies from falling into the hands of irresponsible parties,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fahmi said the Madani Government is also working to increase national income, including attracting more quality investments and shifting the country’s growth trajectory.

“The country cannot rely solely on upstream sectors like crude oil, palm oil or timber exports; instead, it needs to focus on downstream sectors,” he said.

Fahmi said the people’s income also needs to be increased, and for this reason, civil servants are expected to receive a salary increase on Dec 1, adding that for the private sector, 1,000 companies will begin collaborating with the Human Resources Ministry this month to implement the progressive wage policy programme.

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