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Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission plans monthly events
Published on: Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission plans monthly events
Karunanithy and others with some 250 employees who attended the Governance and Anti- corruption Cluster Discussion.
Kota Kinabalu: As an effort to improve integrity, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) implements an educational programme at least one day a month.

Sabah MACC director, Datuk S Karunanithy said the agency works with various others to organise anti-corruption programmes on the first week of every month.

“Regarding the offence of corruption among civil servants, I see one of the offences that regularly occur is false claims.

“Once upon a time, people bought hotel receipts. But now with new technology, they change the receipts in the portable document format (pdf) format and submit false claims.

“For the year 2024, MACC has so far opened several investigation papers in Sabah and is now in the final phase,” he said when met at the Governance and Anti-corruption Cluster Talk: “Synergy in Curbing Revenue Leakage for National Development” on Thursday.

In order to overcome the leakage, he also suggested the heads of departments to also pay attention to the activities of each subordinate officers and not just involving macro policy. 

“Leakage should be seen from two angles, and one is a big issue involving such as government subsidies or doing work not according to specifications.

“But there is another small form of leakage that always happens in the department, for example the purchase of goods at an expensive price.

“Even if it is small, but if we pile it up from all agencies it will be big. For example one agency has a leakage of RM1,000 and if 200 departments it will amount to RM200,000.

“The role of overcoming the leakage is the responsibility of all parties, sometimes when we tell about the leakage, they look at the authorities, heads of departments and so on, but if even the procurement clerk does not do something correctly, the leakage happens,” he said.

A total of 250 federal and state civil servants participated in the program organised by the Sabah MACC and the Sabah Federal Secretary’s Office with an information sharing session by the Sabah MACC Deputy Operations Director, Syamsul Osman, and the State Operations Director of the Sabah Investigation Section, Sabah Inland Revenue Board, Mohd Fahmi Saad.

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