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Skills training benefits 2,000 at Montfort: Sabah centre marks silver jubilee with RM500,000 gift
Published on: Thursday, June 20, 2024
By: Lorena Binisol
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Skills training benefits 2,000 at Montfort: Sabah centre marks silver jubilee with RM500,000 gift
Celebrating 25 years milestone for Montfort institution in Sabah.
Kota Kinabalu: The Montfort Youth Training Centre (MYTC) received a RM500,000 boost for its residential programme aimed at helping underprivileged youths realise their full potential.

The announcement was made by State Finance Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun, who represented Chief Minister Datuk Hajiji Hj Noor at its 25th anniversary celebration, recently.

Hajiji affirmed the State Government’s commitment to support MYTC’s mission to provide youth with technical skills and character building. 

The Government credited and commended the efforts of Brothers of Saint Gabriel, MYTC Board of Governors and its management for transforming the institution into a community pillar, offering youth who missed out on education chance to improve their lives.

The RM500,000 was from an allocation of RM16.89 million to implement various programmes in Sabah focused on leadership and skills development, aligning with the goals of Sabah Youth.

“The Federal and State governments have introduced various initiatives to benefit organisations like MYTC, including increased budget allocations for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions to enhance resource availability and scholarship and bursary schemes for students,” Hajiji said.

He said as Sabah’s economy continues to grow, youth development played a crucial role in economic advancement.

In this, MYTC achieved a milestone in educating youth, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them break the cycle of poverty. MYTC Chairman Tan Sri Bernard Dompok was praised for his dedication and leadership since MYTC’s inception in Sabah in June 1999.

The value and power of technical and vocational education in shaping a better future as well as Montfort’s character formation programme have empowered youths from remote areas and those who had dropped out of mainstream education.

“This initiative aligns with the ‘Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya’ (SMJ) aspirations and underscores their commitment to youth empowerment by providing opportunities to develop and contribute to the state’s economy and society,” he said.

Hajiji urged MYTC to look ahead and keep pace with the rapid evolution of the workforce, driven by technological advancements and a changing economic landscape.

“By embracing new technologies, fostering innovation, and strengthening industry collaborations, MYTC can continue providing vocational and technical education that meets the needs of the present and the future,” he added.

He also applauded MYTC’s parallel Girl’s Programme which would be realised in due course.

It would focus on the development of young women, in terms of gender equality and empowering women to take on roles in economy and leadership; hence further supporting national development objectives.

Meanwhile, Dompok lauded the vision and dedication of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, who initiated the “Montfortion” journey in Sabah, which had benefited thousands of youths.

Dompok said the centre had trained 1,800 youths with 90pc securing employment upon graduation. The remaining 10pc either continued their studies or became self-employed.

The role of Frederick Mah, the first lay director who led the centre five years ago, was acknowledged. Traditionally, the director’s role was held by a religious Brother.

Dompok urged the Madani government to consider providing a fixed yearly allocation for the institution’s operating expenses.

He said MYTC requires RM3.2 million for its main campus in Kinarut and RM350,000 for each hostel in Kiulu and Sandakan, yearly. 

He also recommended that MYTC integrate entrepreneurship into its existing TVET programmes, reflecting the government’s initiatives to enrich vocational training with entrepreneurial skills.

Organising Chairman Datuk Willie Wong thanked the Kwok Foundation, Datuk Victor Paul, the Malaysian Estate Owners’ Association and other supporters for continued financial support over the years.  

He also thanked Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Federal Minister of Entreprenuer and Cooperative Development, for the RM100,000 contribution from his Ministry.

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