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Ruslan: Critics are off the mark
Published on: Friday, June 21, 2024
By: Iskandar Dzulkifli
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Ruslan: Critics are off the mark
Ruslan inspects products exhibited at the programme.
BEAUFORT: Lumadan Assemblyman Datuk Ruslan Muharam said those who claim he has no plans for the constituency are like, “spitting in the sky, hitting them in the face”.

He said they deliberately turned a blind eye to his efforts to solve major problems in Lumadan in just a short period of time.

He said their elected representatives before, had no initiative to solve the critical water supply and flooding problems in Lumadan which made life difficult for the people for decades.

“The first thing I did as ‘wakil rakyat’ was to solve the problem of critical water supply for more than 40 years in most villages including my village in Kg Suasa.

“All these problems were solved within 18 months and now all 80 villages enjoy a continuous supply of clean water,” Ruslan said, closing a Prawn, Freshwater Fish and Sewing Course organised by the Human Resource Development Department (JPSM), Friday.

Ruslan, who is also a PBS Vice President, said he also focused on overcoming critical flood problem for a long time in several villages.

Among the most affected villages was Kg Bukau, which in the past would be hit by floods quickly and it would take several months to a year for the flood water to recede.

 “Not only houses were affected, but also agricultural fields to a point where they could not be cultivated. But now the flood problem has been tackled after we implemented drastic efforts started in 2020.

 “It involved the cleaning of Sungai Api-Api, which is filled with bushes, blocking the flow of water flowing out to the sea, as well as completely solving the flooding problem in Kg Bukau.

“I also used the same method for the flooded area in Kg Karangan by cleaning, widening and deepening the Lumadan River, thus solving this problem completely.

“This initiative has also been extended to other villages until the previously critical flood problem no longer occurring. Isn’t all these a plan to resolve the problem?” he said sarcastically.

Ruslan also said open halls in seven villages that did not have such were his initiative to carry out social activities.

 He said as much as RM1.4 million of his assemblyman’s allocation was used to realise these facilities and this initiative would be extended to other villages.

“The same goes for efforts in constructing two new clinics to replace the existing outdated clinics in Weston and Kg Lingkungan to meet the health needs of the population.

“Two 12-door shops will also be built in Weston and Kg Sungai Padas in December. We also built a football field in Kg Indomadi last year.

We will build a similar football field in Kg Bukau. Isn’t this development to benefit the people?” he said.

Ruslan said all these were achieved within three years of being elected as Lumadan Assemblyman in 2020 on a PBS ticket.

“It is not my intention to belittle, but ‘open your eyes’ before making accusations. I work sincerely for the people in Lumadan to achieve the aspiration of ‘Prosperous Lumadan’,” he said.

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