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Address irrigation and drainage woes, Inobong folks urge government
Published on: Saturday, July 06, 2024
By: Jimmy Goh
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Address irrigation and drainage woes, Inobong folks urge government
A resident showing the water level during the recent floods in Taman Seri Vista Kiranau.
PENAMPANG: Taman Seri Vista Kiranau residents in Inobong here urged the authorities to address urgent irrigation and drainage issues following the devastating floods that struck the area, last Sunday.

Among those affected was Daryn, 39, who has lived in there since 2017 with his wife and two young sons. 

Residing on the ground floor, Daryn’s family suffered losses amounting to RM15,000 due to the floods. “Our furniture, electrical appliances and gadgets were destroyed,” Daryn said. 

He said the water rose rapidly on Sunday evening and by 6.30pm, just half an hour after it started, the water had reached his waist. 

“Usually, it only reaches my knee and stays on the streets, but this time it entered our house,” he said, adding that they sought refuge on the upper floors of the residential complex during the flood. 

Long-time resident Ng, who has lived in the Taman for 20 years, shared her experience of being unable to return home until the following afternoon due to the inaccessible Inobong Bridge. 

“When we finally made it back, there was mud everywhere along the route to our home,” she said.

“I hope authorities would address the area’s irrigation and drainage system. Otherwise, floods will keep recurring every year, especially in May, June and July.

“The floods used to be only two-feet deep, but this time it had gotten much higher,” she said. 

While Ng’s first-floor residence was spared, she sympathised with ground floor residents who suffered significant losses.

Another resident said the residential area, comprising about 600 units, saw nearly 200 vehicles impacted by the recent floods.

He echoed the call for authorities to take action to resolve the recurring problem.

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