Usno still dreaming of a comeback: Harris
Published on: Monday, March 12, 1984
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DAILY EXPRESS (March 12, 1984) KOTA KINABALU, Sun. — Berjaya president Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh today hit out at Usno leaders for getting up to their ‘bluffing’ tactics once again. 

Referring to the former Usno deputy president Datuk Dzulkifli Hamid’s recent statements, Datuk Harris said that Usno was still nursing dreams of returning to power. 

He said this while addressing Berjaya leaders at a KK Berjaya political forum at the Berjaya Headquarters, 

“With only two seats left to Usno’s credit in the State Assembly,  what split among the Malays or the Muslims’ is Dzulkifli talking about?” Datuk Harris asked. 

Last week Datuk Dzulkifli said he and several former Usno leaders were setting up an Umno branch in Sabah to prevent a ‘split among the bumiputras in Sabah especially the Muslims.” 

He also said that although many more would leave Usno they would not join any other party, except Umno, if it was set up in Sabah. 

Datuk Harris, who is also Chief Minister pointed out that Umno leaders including Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Musa Hitam had repeatedly said that Umno had no plans to extend to Sabah or Sarawak. 

He also reminded of Datuk Seri Dr Manathir’s statement in Labuan several months ago that Umno did not wish to undermine the strength of its coalition partners in East Malaysia. 

Describing this Usno lot as `hardcore’ elements Datuk Harris recalled that they simply refused to face the reality that they are finished in Sabah. 

He said that ever since Berjaya came into power Usno had always claimed that it would soon be returning to power. He said that such claims continued to be made even after 

Berjaya’s convincing win at the March 1981 State elections. 

“Right through to 1982 Usno leaders were spreading rumours that it would soon be returned to power in the State,” Datuk Harris said. 

And now, with just two seats left in the State Assembly (Kunak and Semporna) they are talking of a split among the Malays and Muslims. 

“Who are the Malays or Muslims that will be split? Who are the Malays or Muslims who support Usno?,” he asked. 

He declared that even the two seats now held by Usno would probably be snatched from them at the next elections. 



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