Philippines won’t stop eyeing Sabah: Mustapha
Published on: Monday, September 23, 1968
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SABAH TIMES (Monday, September 23, 1968) - KOTA KINABALU, Sun. — Full text of a press statement by the Chief Minister, Tun Datu Haji Mustapha bin Datu Harun, shortly after the march held in Kota Kinabalu on Friday morning in protest against the signing of the Sabah Annexation Bill by President Marcos. 

“I am happy to say that the spirit of the Malaysian people in Sabah in particular and elsewhere in general was never higher than it is today. Our people were never more united and determined than they are today. The response of our people as evident by the demonstration and procession today has been instantaneous and it will be sustained until our security is assured against Philippine Imperialism. 

We have not been stunned by the Annexation Act of the Philippines Congress and President. We have not been confused. The mood shown by our people that they are determined to defend their freedom will bring catastrophe to our potential invaders.

Dictators always made wrong calculations about other peoples. We have only to look into the history to know what destiny awaits such men, because history repeats itself. 

President Marcos said he did not want to annex Sabah by physical means. What did he mean by that remark? Did he want an enlarged map of the Philippines and nothing else, just like Communist China is doing – incorporating a few areas in South East Asia as part of Communist China? If this is so, than President Marcos has the attribute of a man who likes to live in imaginative grandeur, thinking that he is much bigger than he actually is.

This is a sad day for Sabah because of the ambitious conspiracy by some members of Philippines Congress and President Marcos to annex our State of Sabah against our wishes. Other people have tried this sort of conspiracy at other times but eventually the will of the people prevails.  

Looking at the faces of our people today, I have no doubt of their willingness to fight. We will fight to the bitter end to survive and ultimately we will win and we shall defeat our potential invaders. Their scheme to conquer us will definitely fail. 

Plans had been made by the Government to repulse any major attack. They may try to infiltrate our territory and subvert our people. They may commit murders and kidnap our inhabitants especially in the East Coast. 

But, I do not believe they can do more than that because this is our land and we know how to fight and defend our land. We can strike at our potential enemies if they try to come here. The final victory shall be ours. 

Our objectives are clear. The objectives of defending our freedom. The objectives of sustaining our liberty, which we won on Malaysia Day – and the objectives of preserving our sovereignty and territorial integrity as part of Malaysia. 

Our potential enemies by their acts have challenged each and everyone of us. They have challenged our country. Each and everyone of us has accepted the challenge for himself and for his Nation. We are not in a panic or alarmed. We are ready to fight any time if they try to annex us by physical force.” 


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