Select group treated to 45-minute ride on MSA’s new B737
Published on: Wednesday, August 20, 1969
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DAILY EXPRESS (Wednesday, August 20, 1969) - “It’s beautiful! beautiful!” That’s how the guest passengers on board the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Boeing 737 – from His Excellency, the Yang di-Pertua Negara, Sabah, down to man-in-the-street, invited by MSA for its demonstration flight – described the new $14 million aircraft.

Except for the take-off and landing being a bit rough and bumpy, it was comfortable and one of the smoothest rides in the aircraft. Added to this MSA has seen to it that the comforts and pleasantness of its passengers were given priority. And in this respect, MSA has assigned one of its most pleasant air hostesses to serve its passengers on the Boeing 737. 

She is Miss Mimi Kan, a 20-year-old Singaporean from Raffles Girls School, who had been with MSA slightly more than 15 months. Miss Mimi Kan is quite a linguist. She speaks Bahasa Malaysia and Japanese, besides English, Mandarin and several dialects of the Chinese language. She tells me she is now learning French. 

A charming young girl, who has the sweetest smile for her passengers, it certainly would be a pleasure to travel with MSA with her aboard. Always obliging, never complaining, I would definitely vote her “Queen of the Air Hostesses” if ever there was such a contest. And I reckon MSA should hold one in the not too distant future. 

The 45-minute ride aboard the Boeing 737 was indeed one of the smoothest and enjoyable rides I have ever experienced. Once airborne, one tends to forget that he is on an aircraft. This was so because it was so silent that you cannot even hear the humming of the aircraft’s engine. It is pressurised and fully airconditioned and these make the flight most enjoyable. 

Comments from the various VIPs generally “it is one of the smoothest rides and comfortable in all respects.” The furnishing is also most luxurious. 

Said His Excellency, the Yang di-Pertua Negara, Tun Pengiran Haji Ahmad Raffae during the flight: 

“It is very nice and comfortable,” when asked to comment on the flight. And MSA area manager, Enche Kenny Wee must have experienced one of his proudest moments for he was sitting next to His Excellency when I asked His Excellency what he thought of the Boeing 737. 

Next comment came from the Minister of Finance, Enche Salleh Sulong who was seated next to the Controller of Immigration, Tuan Ismail bin Haji Ahmad. “It is very smooth.”, said Enche Salleh Sulong, and Tuan Ismail concurred with his views. The Director of Education, Sabah, Tuan Haji Lokman bin Haji Musa, was of the same opinion: He said: “It is indeed a very smooth ride and a most pleasant one at that.” 

West Coast Resident, Enche Peter Regis, who was sitting next to the Commissioner of Police, Tuan Mohd. Natt, remarked: “What a wonderful ride! “ And Tuan Mohd. Natt, concurring with the views of Enche Regis, added: “It is very nice, indeed.” 

Prominent businessman, Enche T.H. Wong, who is a constant traveller of MSA, had this to say of the 737: “You can’t find better plane of this size. 

It is very smooth and comfortable. It gives you a feeling of being in a lounge in a first class hotel. You don’t even know or feel that you are flying,” he commented. 

Enche Bill Cook of Mansfield and Enche Walter Lange Harun described the 737 as “most comfortable” and a “boon to MSA.” 

On top of all this, MSA had thought of almost everything possible to make its guest passengers happy besides comfortable. In this connection, Area manager, Enche Kenny Wee had assigned his reservationist, pretty and charming Miss Rose Yong to accompany the guests, and with her presence aboard it certainly made all the difference! While the guests were enjoying the flight, champagne meanwhile flowed freely and this practically left the guests with no room for complaint! What else can the guest complain any way? 

Though, some thought it regrettable that the demonstration did not take them to some places, like Brunei or Kuching for a short stop-over, they were happy and pleased with the performance of the 737. 

A travel agent, while admitting that the 737 is most comfortable with all its amenities for the passengers, thought MSA could do with one more air hostess. He said with two air hostesses at present it would certainly be taxing them a bit since they have to look after the first class passengers as well as those in the economy class. 

Summing up the whole flight, I cannot but agree that the Boeing 737 is indeed one of the most up-to-date and comfortable aircraft in the MSA fleet, besides the Boeing 707. East Malaysia passengers will have the opportunity, of travelling in the Boeing 737 from Aug. 24 to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. 

They would, however, have to wait until October 19, if they were thinking of travelling to Hongkong on the 737, when the third Boeing 737 was delivered to MSA. 

Until the whole fleet of Boeing 737 arrived to replace the “faithful” Comets, those travelling to Hongkong, will have to be content with the Comet, which is not a bad aircraft, though a wee bit slower, but most reliable. That is why I described it as the “old faithfuls.” Like a servant, when she becomes old she has to go, and so must the Comets. 

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