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Strong immune system the ultimate defence: Doc
Published on: Sunday, May 03, 2020
By: Kan Yaw Chong
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What is your best personal defensive strategy against a doom and gloom time like this?

The latest May 3, 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has claimed 239,600 dead, 3,401,190 infected and the whole world remained shut down!!

A super price of a sick world?  

Can we build a dream world of super healthy 7.8 billion individuals globally, who are essentially impenetrable to a satanic virus like this novel SARS-CoV-2 virus?

Yes, if the top dog goal of every single person on earth is the build “a strong immune system,” reckons Indian American guru on immune health, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai.   

No, if nearly everyone remains ignorant what the immune system is and how to boost immune health. 

I have read the virus is afraid of only one thing – a strong immune system which prevents rather than fight outbreaks afterwards in vain with demolishing lockdowns.   

But we did not see a preventive victory! 

So are we destined to repeat never ending cycles of killer outbreaks that regularly grind the world to a halt?

Most people are pessimistic. 

The best bet  

But there is one guy who thinks the best bet yet simple and everybody can do it to prevent pandemics – robust immune health across the world.    

That guy is Indian American scientist, Biological Engineer Dr Shiva Ayyaduvai, who has dedicated himself to an intense focus on teaching the world the power of the immune system in this hour of need.

So after accidentally bumping into his online video, I agree with him the time has come to educate the world the pre-eminence of the human immune health as the ultimate answer.

The thing I like about Dr Shiva is born in India to untouchable parents he migrated to America as a boy, he has never forgotten his roots in the power of Indian herbs from his mother, and similarly his high regards for Chinese herbs for fundamental understanding of nutrition and how the human body works                    

So that’s my luck – he buried my total ignorance of the immune system.

He can help the whole world do the same and say goodbye to pandemics.  

The body wants to be healthy 

So I  totally agree with him: “Let’s talk about immune health.” 

“We must understand that our body wants to be healthy,” says Dr Shiva.

“Virus come and go but do you know that our body has only 6 trillion cells but 380 trillion viruses and 60 trillion bacteria that makes up our microbiome but it’s not like everybody is dying,” Dr Shiva put hysterical fear of virus sweeping across the globe in perspective.

He added: “Even in Wuhan with 11 million people and 50,008 were infected it is still a very small percent of the total population (0.45pc) and even much smaller percentage who died (2,575) or 0.023pc,” Dr Shiva noted.

“So things like the coronavirus should be taken in perspective, let’s stop scaring people, let’s talk about immune health, let’s build up our immune system, that’s what I want to focus on,” he says in an online video.

Most important: Boost immune health  

“Therefore the most important thing we need to talk about is: How to boost immune health? That comes from nutrition in the comprehensive sense of the word, clean air clean water, and the kind of stress that builds resilience!” he said. 

“So I hope the politicians and lobbyists (citing big Pharma) are listening out there but that is the problem – they don’t want to talk about it, they want to scare us but in my view this is a wonderful opportunity for forge  immune health,” he said.

Dr Shiva proceeded to make this daring claim. 

“If your immune system is working properly and it has the right nutrition, the virus  (SARS-CoV-2) will essentially just bounce off!”

“The most important thing to understand is 80 to 90pc of people get mild reactions,” he said. 

“So this is the critical question: How to boost your immune system?”

Tough protective cover from Vitamin A 

“ I don’t want to get deep into the details, so let’s talk about Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D,” DR Shiva said.

“Vitamin A is essentially a shield which provides keratin – a resilient fibrous protein that ensures a tough cover like that of claws, hooves, hair etc which protects the outermost layer of epithelial cells from damage and stress.”

“Vitamin A keratinises the outermost layers of epithelial cells lining the nose, throat, lungs, stomach, intestine, which enables a structural integrity that shields your cells like a dead bolt that protect your cells from attack,’’ Dr Shiva highlights the power of Vitamin A to ward off coronavirus attacks.

“Even if the virus does get in, a strong immune system comprising the Innate system, Adaptive system, the Interferon system, the Neural system and the Microbiome will react and modulate itself,  that is when to attack, what to attack and when to stop, without over-reacting so the most you may get some sniffers like the mild reactions and you are fine,” he noted. 

“But what if your immune system is not healthy – compromised, not working properly and weakened by all sorts of things like nutritional deficiencies and underlying ill health?”

“Without the hard protective cover enabled by Vitamin A, what is going to happen is the virus gets into the cell, injects its intelligence to take over the cellular machinery and replicates out of control, your weakened immune system over – reacts into a cytokine storm to attack the site of infection on and on  which severely inflames the lungs and the victim dies from multiple organ failure because of oxygen deprivation,” Dr Shiva said.

“So it’s not that the virus is hurting, the killer is the over-reaction of a failed immune system,” Dr Shiva kept stressing. 

“This is where Vitamins, A, C and D are extremely important and a whole host nutrients that enable your immune system not to over-react,” he said.

Vaccine not the true solution    

So is vaccine the only solution to immune health?

Dr Shiva is firmly opposed to mandatory vaccination but he says he is not alone.                                                            

“In the US, there is a growing movement against everyone being forced to take vaccine because of the side effects which had prompted a raft of law suits,” he noted. 

“ So the only true long-term solution is immune health,” Dr Shiva advocates.

“ If you read history, the biological history on the essential aspects of the immune system, your immune system is really the operating system of your body,” he noted.

Homeostatic stability when the immune system is working on all cylinders 

“When the immune system involving the Innate, Adaptive, Interferon, Neural systems and the Microbiome are operating on all cylinders, it takes care of all the other systems above it, the rest of the body takes care of itself. That is homeostasis,” Dr Shiva explained. 

This is an interesting reference to homeostasis but not surprising given his background in biology where homeostasis refers to a state of steady internal, physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems, a dynamic state of equilibrium or balance which enables optimal functioning for the human body including many variable like body temperature fluid balance being kept within pre0set limits.     

Dr Shiva: “One of the properties of your systems is that they have a set point where they like to operate in an optimal way. That’s what your body wants to do in a natural way and that’s what you want to get your body to do.” 

A classic example is the human body temperature which operates optimally at a range set at 36.5-37.5 degrees – 36.5C under the tongue and 37.5C internally.

Ever wonder why?

Scientists concluded perfect balance – warm enough to prevent fungal infection but not so hot that we need to eat non-stop to maintain metabolism!! 

“But in order to get your body to homeostasis, you need to fuel it with the right ingredients and then your body can stay on track.”

Homeostasis explained 

“So try to understand homeostasis. Think of yourself as a pilot who wants to fly from Boston to San Francisco. During the flight you want to maintain a certain directional path. That’s homeostasis you want to stay on. Many types of disturbances may come on – rains, head winds, gales etc when that plane is flying from Point A to Point B. So what happens? You as the pilot makes minor adjustments, be it elevation, speed. These are inputs that keep the plane on track. By the way, most planes during a trip are 99pc off track. But the pilots make minor adjustments to keep that plane on target,” Dr Shiva used an interesting analogy. 

“And this is the end effect to what you want to learn to do with your body or what we used to intuitively know that your body has homeostasis,” he said.                     

“You are conscious of it through your awareness, be it weather changes, stress in the family, you make minor adjustments and as long as you keep them in check and make minor adjustments , your body will take care of itself, your body is in homeostasis – eating all the right foods, feeling great, you are in the right environment, your body systems are working properly that you don’t even have to think about it. That’s what I mean by homeostasis . But as I said, you have to fuel it with the right ingredients, with the right inputs and your body will stay on track , like the pilot who keys in the right inputs to keep the plane on track. So when it comes to your immune system, it is really the operating system of your body, if you take care of that, your body comes in check.”

The biggest lesson form the pandemic: control your health  

So what is the biggest lesson out of this coronavirus pandemic which has infected a global total 3,401,190 and 239, 600 died as of 3 May 2020?

Clearly immune health and an understanding of the immune system.               

“As I keep saying, it is really important to start reflecting on how to make sure that it never occurs again, that we don’t get caught in the fear mongering and that we have our own resilience and strength to be confident and that our body want to be healthy. We should look at the fact that our body had learnt to survive for many, many millennia despite and overwhelming population of 380 trillion viruses, 60 trillion bacteria which totally out number our 6 trillion cells,” Dr Shiva pointed out. 

“We need to believe that our body is designed to survive these circumstances, that by and large, what affects that are either the choices that we make or the external circumstances, such as deeds of politicians or lobbyists who have definitive effects on genetic damage. But by and large we have huge opportunities to control our health, the choices we make and what we put inside us,” Dr Shiva said.     

So contrary to the outdated idea that the immune system contains only the Innate and Adaptive systems, Dr Shiva says the modern understanding is ”it has multiple components – the Innate System, the Adaptive system, the Interferon system, the Neural system and the microbiome, all ‘talking’ to each other to maintain your homeostasis ” to give tip top health and makes you feel great!! 

The paradox of stress

One interesting question D Shiva raised is: How to hurt your immune system? 

A paradoxical answer?

“Use it or lose it!” he said.

“It is a good way to look at resilience and to understand that, we need to understand what stress is,  citing Hans Seyle, credited “The Father of Stress.”

“ You are actually hurting your immune system because you are never stressing it, same if you are not stressing your body with exercise, so one of these aspects (of strong immune health) is called Stress Innoculation,“ Dr Shiva noted.



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