On guardian angels
Published on: Sunday, April 04, 2021
By: Dr T Selva
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A SUBJECT that is close to my heart is angels, my inner companion from young. 

These highly evolved spirits can help believers find balance between the spiritual and material worlds.

Since being exposed to the Archangel Gabriel at the age of 11 during Sunday gospel classes, I have learnt to tap into the heavenly energies and seek guidance in my daily life.

Now I have figurines of angels displayed at my home and work environment, and carry one with me to be constantly connected to the messengers of the divine.

The question that’s frequently asked is – do angels exist?

Yes, they do, if an individual is open and willing to connect to its image via visualisation, for spiritual development and protection from danger.

Guardian angels are highly evolved spirits and they are here to help anyone who seeks a balance between the material and spiritual worlds.

There are hundreds of guardian angels and all of them were once human beings and they now exist for various purposes. Among the most popular are those associated with healing and protection.

I was fortunate to meet angelic healer Nancy Coller during my visit to last New York five years ago who taught me deeper insights into the powers of angels.

Coller says one should listen to one’s intuitive feelings regarding their presence. 

Some of the signs include hair standing on end, a churning feeling in your stomach, or a sudden gust of wind blowing against your face when there is no breeze.

In some cases, things will be “removed” from their usual place and then turn up safely where you least expect them to be.

Another signal of angels communicating with you is through dreams, prayer, meditation and silence. They also appear when you’re about to fall asleep or just before you wake up.

Angels do not intrude upon anyone’s privacy and the vital guide is that the more you respect your angel, the more it will help you towards achieving your desired goal.

Once you have identified an angel that is connected to you, it is best to communicate with and develop a relationship with it.

One way to foster this connection is to begin each day with a greeting, as an acknowledgement of your guardian angel’s presence.

It is recommended that any communication with an angel should be done in private and the person should exercise simplicity and sincerity.

You can carry an image of your angel or wear an angel pendant or bracelet, or display your angel visibly to remind you of its presence. 

And to develop trust each day, read a short, silent affirmation, like: “Guardian angel, in whom I trust, guide my actions today.”

Also, you can show appreciation by pledging: “Guardian angel, I acknowledge your presence in my life and I trust and thank you for the guidance you offer me.”

It is said that expressing the affirmation silently or aloud daily helps to invoke its powers and also show it respect.

Some people regard encounters with guardian angels as meeting their departed loved ones. Well, this is not incorrect.

The deceased would usually only wish to comfort their grieving families and let them know that they are now supremely happy and not suffering in any way.

The inner peace and happiness that the departed loved one generates is sometime so intense and unforgettable that it leaves the grieving person with the same degree of comfort and protection as that provided by a guardian angel. 

This leads to the belief that the deceased has now become the individual’s new guardian angel.

Another way to be linked with angels daily is by using life purpose oracle cards which can help an individual cope with daily routines and challenges.

The method is to shuffle the 44 cards and as this takes place, you will likely notice feelings, thoughts, words and visions. Following this, choose a card and follow the angel’s advice for the day.

You can also carry a small figurine around with you and pass your worries and fear to the angel, or communicate with it before undertaking any major task.

When I returned from the United States I brought along another angel in hand – Angel Haaiah, which I chose based on the date I was born. 

According to experts, this particular angel can influence one’s success and fulfilment in life.

- Dr T. Selva is speaker and the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at [email protected]; Facebook: Vasthu Sastra or website: www.vasthusastra.com



Angels can help anyone who seeks a balance between the material and spiritual worlds.

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