Women in fight bound over 
Published on: Saturday, April 17, 2021
By: British North Borneo Herald
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North Borneo News and Sabah Times (Tuesday, 13th November 1962)

JESSELTON, Monday – Two housewives in two separate cases were bound over to be of good behaviour by the stipendiary magistrate Mr I R Greene in the magistrate’s court here for assaulting each other. In the first case Wong Mui Ha was bound over to be of good behaviour for six months in the sum of $100 for assaulting Nyim Kui Nyuk. In the second case Nyim Kui Nyuk was bound over to be of good behaviour for one year for assaulting Wong Mui Ha.

Fined for motorcycle offence

North Borneo News and Sabah Times (Friday, 30th November 1962)

SANDAKAN, Tues – Chong Kon Choon was fined a total of $20 in the Sandakan Magistrate’s Court for driving a motor-cycle without holding a Driving Licence and for carrying more than one person on the pillion seat.

In the same court, Gantiang bin Sarihid, a Bajau, was convicted on his own plea of cruelly ill-treating a cow. It was alleged by the prosecution that Gantiang tied the said cow behind two buffaloes to drag the cow. He was fined $30 or in default  one week’s imprisonment. The Magistrate Mr Louis Chee ordered that $15 out of the $30 fine by awarded to the informer.


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